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Five senses

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Ok! Cookie Monster, just watch your step! Just wait! Just follow me! Where are you? Your voice. Where are you go? Come on over here! Come on! Oh! Hi! Here you go! Prairie! That's you! Yeah, yes, touch with me! Ok! So Cookie Monster come over to my house to play with me today and we are come up with the great game We sure have! Me no can wait to play! Me no can wait to play! Me no can wait to play! We're gonna play! I'm put this blindfolder Cookie Monster and now we are to figure up. Absolute blindfull! Without looking, he is going to tell us which of those things on the table is that cookie! Me smell cookie, me know it is somewhere! Me know! It is somewhere! Me no can wait to play! Me no can wait to play! Put your hands on the table... and go! What is? this cookie? Me feel a... It's round like cookie! Yes, it is round! It's very smooth! Yes, it is very smooth! No, not like cookie! It also feel... cold It's hard too! Yes! It is hard! Oh, no! This is toughly, me not sure What else? What else? What is it? What is it? It's something else!Is that.. It's round. Yes! Yes, yes. It is round like a cookie! It's not smooth It's kind of bumpy. It's more like cookie. It's not really cold. No, it's quite warm It's not really hard. It's not softy. It's not squeeze. It is toughly! It's a good game! Me love this game! What else? What else? Cookie Monster, no, no, no Prairie, ssshh... me playing game! ssshhh... ssshhh... ssshhh Sit! Sit! Sit! This smooth. This a... like phoni noise. That not cookie. It's hard. What else? What else? It got a stragely thin here. It's comingo two pieces. It's kind of ware shape Not like cookie. What is? It's an strangely thing here, we're talk about that. What else? Me feel holes! It's not like cookie. Cookie, cookie... Do you know which one is the cookie, Cookie Monster? Me not sure! Me know, is so hard become it to do authomac. TASTE TEST! Oohh, me not sure if it that cookie or not. It not really taste like cookie. What its? What is this? What do you think, Cookie Monster? Oh, Sweet and delicious just like cookie! Yes, just like a cookie! Me thing that was cookie. Yes, yes, yes! Very good! Right! You guessed it! Wait, wait, wait. You guessed it! No, no, no, Cookie Monster. Oh, no. My grandmother gave me that phone. Well, me know one thing for sure. Definetyle not cookie. Because cookie, no ring in tummy.

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Posted by: alejandraconsentini on Mar 25, 2013

Cookie monster plays a game about five senses.

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