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mamma marzia 3.3min

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Good evening everyone! The Varvaglione family welcomes you to the Baux kitchen showroom This is a special occasion for us as we present the 12 e mezzo Christmas Edition wine This evening I am presenting a typical family dish We are opening the Christmas season by making these wonderful pettole There are only a few ingredients. We will need durum flour… …a cube of brewer’s yeast at room temperature, and some lukewarm water… ...a pinch of salt, a little sugar to decorate Extra virgin olive oil, which we will use to fry the pettole once I have made the dough I’m going to prepare the dough from scratch. As they say I will “beat the dough” Take the cube of yeast and crumble it Take a little bit of lukewarm water. Pour it in slowly. Just enough to dissolve the yeast The dough will become soft and elastic. Let it rest for at least a couple of hours Add the flour, stirring continuously with your hands OK I’ve watched my mum and nonna do this, many times. The dough is ready to be covered, use cling wrap or better yet, a clean cloth. …and leave it in a dark, lukewarm place to rest In the meantime I'll use something I've prepared earlier As you can see, all the bubbles show that… the dough is well risen This dough has risen after a couple of hours The oil is now ready. Let’s start to fry As you can see, the pettole… …float once they’re ready Turn them They are golden. Let’s put them on the plate with a paper towel Pat them dry a little Put a tiny bit of sugar in the corner of the plate For the pettole to look even better pair them with 12 e mezzo Malvasia wine Smells amazing! On behalf of the Varvaglione family: buone pettole! Merry Christmas! And happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

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Posted by: dasketch on Dec 7, 2017

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