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Kabbalah 1 - 3

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Hi everyone. Welcome to the third class of the Power of Kabbalah course and in the last session, we saw the big picture of what life really is about. We understood that originally we were with the light, we received the light, We had everything. but because of the bread of shame, We chose to disconnect from the light and to go through a journey. And the life is a journey of removal of the bread of shame. Life is a journey of overcoming the opponent of overcoming the Satan and via that raising our consciousness, revealing more light, and shifting our life and transforming our life. As we are raising our consciousness, we are actually acting more like the light, we are being more like the light because the light is a cause and all the effect. Light is proactive and not reactive. And as we are overcoming, we take charge, the same way the light takes charge, we take charge, We become the cause, we become like the light We reveal more light in our life. We are revealing more light in our business, we reveal more light in our relationships. We reveal more light and are manifesting our true potential. As we reveal more light is more joy and there is more happiness and more of our true potential reveals itself. At the end of the last session, We spoke about the idea of recognition, of the opponent within. That one of the main trick of the Satan, one of the main tricks of the opponent, is to cause us to be blind to its existence, because at the moment we are blind to see the opponent, there is nothing to overcome, and the assignment that you have at home, was to look inside, to reflect upon the day that just passed, and to see how the opponent play games in our life. One of the indications that I'm really growing spiritually, I'm starting to be more and more aware of the negativity, that the opponent is inserting in my mind. The different and controllable reactive and negative behaviors the opponent is manipulating me towards, and the more I'm evolved, the more I can see the opponent within. The less evolved I am, the opponent makes me think that I'm the opponent. I feel angry, I can't stand that person. That's what I feel I deserve. Instead of realizing, one second, maybe it's not really what the real me deserves, that's the opponent, makes me feel or think that way. and the moment I'm starting to observe myself from aside and see that its the opponent and not the real me. Because the real me is my soul that wants to be like the light, that wants to transform, that wants to take charge, that wants to be a sharing being. And in this session, we're going to start to learn the tools, specific tools how to overcome the opponent within. We are going to be introduced to the proactive formula. We're going to learn in this session, actually our challenges, our difficulties, our opportunities in our lives, We're going to learn how to shift our perception, instead of looking at challenges as something scary and difficult that we all run away from, and we define it as a bad day that when we are really challenged, we are going to learn actually that challenges are opportunities for many miracles and blessing in our lives if we know how to de-codify that situation and realize that it is an opportunity to grow, and it's an opportunity to transform my consciousness, and as a result my life. So where do we start? The first thing we are going to speak about, is about the main tool that the opponent uses, and the main tool to recognize that the opponent is taking you over. Which is "reactive behavior, reactive consciousness." Before we get to the details, what does this mean, let's first define, "reactive consciousness." A thought or an action which requires no effort and connects us to instant gratification it's reactive consciousness. Being the effect, impulsive, the victim, the receiver and motivated by lack it's another indication we are ruled by reactive consciousness. We're going back to the idea that we said before the deal that we had asked with the light. We told the light in the end, the only way to receive the light only if I can be like you, I can act like you. and think about it, the light is the creator, is the cause is the originator, is proactive. Reactive is the opposite of the light Because what is reactive? I'm not the cause that difficult business deal destroyed my day the business was the cause, I'm the effect. My emotion is the effect, my consciousness is the effect, I have an exciting consciousness when things are great, I have a sad consciousness, when things are bad so I'm totally the effect, that's called "reactive consciousness." If I want the light, I need to be like the light. Being proactive, not to be affected by external circumstances and situations and challenges to affect my thoughts, my feelings, my reaction. So we have reactive consciousness vs proactive consciousness. When I'm letting myself fall into that impulsive behavior, into that neediness, into that blame, into that victimness, into that selfishness, I have to protect myself, things are horrible, what should I do? I'm reactive, and it's nothing to do with the situation itself. That's the test of life. It's not really about the business, or about the health situation. It's more about where my consciousness is. Where is the seed of my reality? So that's the reason why the reactive consciousness is identified by Satan consciousness or opponent consciousness, because that's what the Satan consciousness is about. Opposite DNA of light consciousness. So, the light is the cause, light is the creator, the light is the originator, the light is not affected by external. It is a stimulator. The light is a proactive force, so, the opponent is the opposite: reactive, needy, affected. Even when I have a huge ego, and i need to brag. Why do I need to brag? Because I need the other person to be impressed. So I'm reactive, and I'm ruled by the opponent. So reactive consciousness is one of the strongest indications that wow, the opponent takes over. Now, should I feel guilty about it, and bad? The Kabbalese say "No not at all. The opposite." Life is not about not being reactive, Life is about recognizing the reactive consciousness, and overcoming it, and becoming proactive, and letting it go. and restricting it. That transformation creates the fulfillment. If I'm not proactive, I'm not reactive at all, I've already finished my correction, I'm back in the endless, that's great. But the life is about transformation, as the Rav Berg would say. Life is not about being good, It's about being better. It's about pushing to the next level. so it's a blessing. When I can recognize the next layer of the opponent. the next level of reactive consciousness, reactive behavior. Blame, it's a big word in life. We can blame people, we can blame life, we can blame parents, we can blame "why I was born under the sign of Scorpio?" Why I was born to a poor family, why misfortune happened to me, and sometimes we can blame us! Blaming us is not the cause, when I'm blaming me I'm horrible. I'm negative, How did I do it, I cannot stand myself it's still the victim of the consciousness, it's still blaming the consciousness. Proactive consciousness is a consciousness of i know it's an opportunity, what can I learn about it, what can I do about it? It's about growing, it's about transforming, it's about believing I can be the cause of creating better reality, and not being helpless and hopeless. But, part of the test, initially is to fall a little bit into the victim. But how fast does it take me to catch myself to say "Stop, I don't want this consciousness, I want a transformation, I want to overcome it." Because if I want more light, I need to expand my vessel. That's Kabbalistic terminology. Expand my vessel. Every time I am able to say "no" to my reactive consciousness, and replace it with the proactive consciousness: "I believe I can do it," and with the help of the light, I can do it. Every time I'm doing so, I am actually expanding my vessel, bringing more light, and as a result, shifting my life, creating miracles. So just to get an idea, to get an idea for us, about I would ike just to read a list of typical reactive behaviors all different manifestations of reactive consciousness that will start to look inside even deeper. Complaining, arguing to be right, trying to prove your point, staying in your comfort zone, looking for validation, trying to fix a problem right away, trying to fix your reputation right away. doubting, worrying, People pleasing, taking care of yourself first, getting angry "for all the right reasons," doing anything from need/insecurity/emptiness, secretly wanting people to know, impatience, needing everything to happen "your way," You always have an answer for everything, you want to fix everyone's problem, you celebrate everytime something good happens you are said every time something bad happens, you spend too much time on Facebook, you still keep the number of all the boy/girlfriends, so I'm sure, as we read and saw this list, I'm sure you are connected to some of these, and by the way, all of us have it, we can teach Kabbalah for years and years and years, and doesn't mean we stop the fight, the opposite actually. As you are growing spiritually, you recognize the battle, you recognize the world within because there is a war. Doesn't mean we should be miserable about this war, actually the Zohar tells us that when you recognize the opponent I need to be excited instead of blaming myself, how could I be jealous, how come I'm angry, how come I was selfish, recognize it and step out of it. Recognize you make mistakes and be proactive and ask for forgiveness. Admit, call, don't be shut down, don't let our ego, being in the middle, saying, "Oh no I was reactive but forget about it, I would rather erase it." Taking responsibility is becoming the cause. Taking responsibility I'm reactive now. You have a choice, I don't have to continue that route, it's the moment of transformation. I'm responsible, I have the power, we all have the power within us to shift that cassette. Because the moment I'm taking the responsibility from my reactive behavior, and I'm making the effort to become more proactive, I'm making an effort to shift from that, reacting mode, blaming mode, victim mode, and saying, "one second, things don't just happen to me, the light is actually sending me opportunities." Because all the things that make us reactive, all challenges or bad moods, or difficulties, or physical aches, that come my way. What are they really? Opportunities. That's what the light is sending me, opportunities to grow. The light, based on the bread of shame principles, cannot just shove the light into me, "Take the light! Be happy!" The only way you can receive the light, is if I'm building a bigger vessel, or a more proactive vessel. So the only way to do it is the light sends me a situation, that will trigger within me reactivity, And by overcoming the activity, I'm letting more light in. I'm letting more blessings in. So imagine we shift our whole perception of the day, instead of saying, "Please, God, light, I need everything great...everything to be smooth." Say please, light, "Give me the strength to see. and to overcome my reactive nature, because I know that's what's gonna open my vessel and bring huge blessings into my life." In order to translate it practically into life experience, I would like each one of us to find a piece of paper, and a pen, and divide the paper into 3 columns. In the left column we'll see the challenge, In the middle column, your emotional reaction. and in the right column, physical reaction. Now the challenge I would like you to choose and to write down to yourself, is a certain challenge that happened to you recently, that triggered reaction from you, your reactive mode being triggered. Anger, hurt, upset, blame, feel judged, frustrated, reactive mode took over, reactive emotions took over, the reactive consciousness was triggered, and choose the challenge that maybe it's not the first time it happened to you in the past, something you can learn a lot about yourself from that, OK? So a certain challenge, for example, I came back home, and my kids made a mess in the house. Left the house a major mess. In the middle column, where it's written "Emotional reaction." I was angry, at my kids, and in the right column where it says, "Physical reaction," I was screaming and yelling at my kids and my wife. So please take the time, to find out and write down the challenge and the emotional reaction and the physical reaction, please go ahead. So now let's look at one example of a challenging situation the one that I just shared before, and how do we transform from reactive to proactive, and how basically we shift our consciousness out of that challenge or that difficulty to an opportunity from the light. Because the light is talking to us all day long, the light is an infinite force that just wants one thing: to help us to grow, to help us to have more blessings, to help us to have more uninterrupted happiness in our life. But the only way to do it is without the bread of shame. That's the reason, the way the light helps us, by giving us the opportunity to overcome. So the scenario with the kids, I'm going back home after a difficult day at work. And I see the house is a mess, and I'm clear that the kids made that mess, and that my wife did not control the kids. After a difficult day at work, I'm on the edge already, it triggered right away the anger. And I feel the anger starting to boil from within. And that's pre-Kabbalah. That anger leads towards the next step, which is yelling and screaming, which makes me feel better about it. Because I'm getting temporary energy, that's part of the reactive system, and that's part of the bank of Satan, when I'm reacting, I'm getting some energy. Of course, it's a destructive energy, but I'm getting energy. I have no awareness. So I'm yelling at my kids, I'm screaming at my wife. And I'm feeling they are wrong, and I'm right, and no sensitivity, I just came back from work, and why can't you take care of this little mess? A little responsibility after a hard day and all that I've been doing for you guys. Reactive consciousness, victim consciousness, blame consciousness. Doesn't matter what my wife did wrong, what my kids did wrong the question I need to ask myself: Am I reactive, or proactive? If I'm reactive and continuously ruled by my reactive consciousness, what I've just done, will cause more chaos in my house more negativity personally to me, to my children, to my wife. and it will affect my future. Because this is a seed of negativity, seed of the Satan consciousness which will back a fruits of chaos. Because the Satan conssiousness brings darkness into my life. So how do I go to the transformation? So let's introduce you to a proactive formula. Step number 1, an obstacle occurs. Obstacle in this case is the kids and the situation, the energy that came from work, that's step number one. Step number 2, Realize that your reaction-not the obstacle-is the real enemy, So as you feel your reaction, because we would be reactive with obstacles, especially obstacles that are still lessons for us, so we will start the reaction, and as you feel the anger, realize "wow, that's the real enemy. It's not about my kids, it's not about my wife," and it's tough, it requires training and awareness because Satan wants us to look at what they do wrong, and not to look inside. But as you feel the reactive consciousness say, "One second. The real enemy is within. It's not about them." "But what about them?" Satan will tell me. "I have to do something about them!" So you need to tell Satan: "Of course, you might need to teach them, but not in a reactive way, in a proactive way, wait." First of all, overcome the enemy. First, overcome where you are coming from. First, shift your consciousness, because that's what's going to create and change the reality. That's 99% of the solution. Which leads towards Step number 3 of the proactive formula. That step is called restriction, or shut down your reactive system to allow the light in. That's the moment of decision. I'm taking responsibility. I'm not going to let my anger control me. It's not about them, it's about a test within me. Do I want the poison of anger to control me, which will cause chaos in my life and my kids? Or do I want to overcome that consciousness of anger, and to say no., I know it's an opportunity. It's for the good. It's a blessing. I'm going to control it. I'm going to shift my consciousness, and actually being able to shift and inject love towards my family. I'm not going to let myself fall into victim, and sadness, and blame and anger. I have a choice. If I catch myself soon enough, I will have the strength to say, "No. I am going to go against my nature." It is not easy, but the more I am practicing that exercise of transformation, the faster I will do it. But an important thing to know human nature is, I'm never going to let go of one consciousness or behavior, unless I know something better is coming. So the only way I will have the strength to say no to my anger, is not because that's the better way to talk to my kids. That becomes psychology. The only way I will have the strength is if I know that actually by me letting it go, I am opening the gate of the 99% and I am letting in the light of miracles and blessings into my life. And the reason actually the kids did what they did, maybe they have their own lessons, which I will deal with soon, but from my point of view, to give me the opportunity to transform, and it's a test. And by me letting go I'm letting light, I'm letting my soul, I'm letting unknown blessings to come from the 99%. And if I truly observe, actually I will see the results in my life. A gift coming my way. I need to inject it in my consciousness and to inject certainty about it. So it's not just about "oh I'll be nicer to my kids, it's much nicer." Think big! Actually I'm opening the vessel for blessing for light into my life How will the light manifest itself I'm not sure, it's OK. I'm trusting. I'm trusting. And it's not easy to be able to reach that level. And it takes time like everything else, you're not excited about working hard in gym, it takes time to get excited. And then the last piece is "express your proactive nature." It means, when I'm with my kids, when I really let go of the reactive, I already look at it as a test, I am smiling to myself. Then I'm ready to ask the question, OK I'm not reactive I'm not angry now. I let it go. I know it's an opportunity. But still, what do I do with my kids? The light. That's the time to ask the light. The light. I don't know, what's the best thing to do with my kids in a proactive way, proactive means for the sake of sharing. Not for the sake of blaming them. For the sake of adding value, for the sake of making their lives better, for the sake of educating them, I don't want the bread of shame, they need some discipline, so it's possible that the gut feeling or the light in that situation will let me know based on a gut feeling, or advice, you know what, you need to be tough with them, but tough for the sake of sharing, not tough because you're angry and you want to fill up your emptiness which is the reactive nature. Sometimes we need to be tough for the sake of strengthening our kids. For the sake of not letting them have bread of shame. Sometimes I need to raise my voice, but not from a reactive place. From a place of sharing. And it's a world of difference, if I'm yelling I'm raising my voice from reactive, I'm sucking the energy from the room because it's all about Satan consciousness, me, me, me, versus I am coming from a place of adding value, a place of sharing, so I'm tough. Sometimes I need to be tough! Because that's the way I'll communicate. But the energy will be respected, because it's coming from a light place, it's coming from the heart. It's coming from a consciousness of light, not a consciousness of emptiness and opponent. As part of your homework, I will recommend to print out the entire proactive formula and try to apply it daily, in your day-to-day life, I would recommend to print it, to have it in your wallet, to have it in your desktop, to have it in any place of work where you will look often, Because it is a day-to-day practice, and we forget, really putting our intention, our consciousness about the transformation within, we become a reactive being, and life becomes, again, "things happen to me," instead of "I'm the cause of my reality." The transformation that takes place is, instead of looking at the outside as my enemy, recognition of the enemy within, the opponent within. And the more you practice is, the more I'm injecting the intention towards it, the more I see changes and transformations and miracles. Because overcoming the opponent within will bring more light into my life, which results in changes, and blessings, and miracles in my day-to-day life. Another angle of looking at the process of transformation from reactive to proactive, from being ruled by the opponent to being able to say no to the opponent, we call "the concept of restriction," which is similar, but we will give different examples that will help us to understand it. And one of the analogies that the Rav Berg always shared with us is the analogy of the light bulb. Because as the Kabbalese explain, as above, so below. It means that whatever we see below, for example, electricity, the laws of electricity, stems from the metaphysical laws. So if you talk about the light bulb, the same laws that allow the physical light to be revealed are extensions of the laws that allow the spiritual light to be revealed. So let's look for a second at the light bulb. In the light bulb, we have 3 major components. We have the positive pole, we have the negative pole, and we have the filament in the middle. At a very simple level, the negative pole is the pole that receives, that draws, that attracts, that demands, that wants the energy. That's the minus. The positive pole is the source of the energy, where the energy is coming from. The filament resists the flow of the energy that comes from the plus to the minus. And actually, the bigger and thicker the filament, the bigger the light that we are going to have. The smaller the filament, the less light we are going to have. Another interesting thing. What's going to cause a short circuit in the bulb? Energy comes from the plus to the minus, the filament resists, resists, resists, and the filament becomes tired to resist, so the energy goes all the way from the plus to the minus, we'll have a major flash of light, extra light, brighter light, and then short circuit and darkness. Interesting. How does it connect to life? To typical understanding of left and right, minus and plus and the filament when it comes to life and the real light we are talking about. What is the minus? Our desires. Everything starts with wants and desires. I want food. I want to be happy. I want more money. I want to say the last thing. I want to be understood. I want relief from my pain. I want success. I want sex. I want a connection. I want friendship, I want to be loved, I want to be respected. There's nothing wrong with it. That's natural wants and desires. That's the engine. That's the machine that starts a process. I want something. That's what leads me from one thing to another. But a lot of times those wants, those desires, are reactive desires, without any restrictions. And what is a reactive desire? I want something and I want instantly the fulfillment of what I want. So in the light bulb, the minus corresponds in our lives to our desires and wants. The plus corresponds to the source of the energy I am attracted to. I'm attracted to food, to knowledge, to the love of someone, to money, to the pleasure of sex, to the pleasure of recognition, to the pleasure of accomplishment, so that's the process. of course, all pleasures and all satisfaction and all strength come from the light force of the creator, but it manifests itself in various ways, so that's the plus. So the minus is my needs, my wants, the plus is the source of energy that I'm attracted to, that I want. And what does the filament represent? It is the restriction: not to grab the things that I want without restriction, without stop, without pause, without questioning, without making sure I'm coming from the right intention. Without making sure it's not with bread of shame. For example, I want very much to close that business deal that I am working on for a couple of months. And I have an opportunity today to just close it. And, if I will not pay attention to my opponent, And if I will not restrict myself, and it's just about closing the deal, and even though deep inside, if I really ask myself, I know something is wrong here. Something is not so straight. In the long term it will not make me happy. It's actually taking advantage of someone. So if I'm just saying, "Let's close the deal, grab it, just sign it!" Finish with it! Move on! And if I'm not applying, especially when I feel that impulsive to grab the answer, to grab the fulfillment, I say stop. Restrict. Wait. Is it the right thing? Am I coming from a proactive place? Is it really a win-win? Is there really circuitry here? Is my consciousness connected to the light, which is for the sake of sharing? Or is it all about grabbing the energy? When I grab the energy without applying the filament, and even just questioning. Sometimes the answer will be, "Yes, this is the right thing. Go ahead." But at least I paused. That restriction, that pause, and not grabbing what I want so much, that's by itself revealing the light, like in the light bulb whose filament reveals the light. And the bigger the restriction, the bigger the light. The bigger the blessing that I'm attracting. And that concept of restriction is working in so many areas in our life. You are in a meeting and start to feel a little insecure. So your desires right away say "Say something to sound smart!" And then you say "Stop. Why am I saying it?" To be heard? That they will think I'm smart? Let it go. Or you want to say something badly, you should say stop. Where are you coming from? And then you shift your desires. I will say it for the sake of adding value to the meeting. So the restriction is the moment of stopping the reactive nature. Stopping the instant gratification. And look for the bigger picture. A question that one needs to ask himself. Is it for instant gratification? Or is it for long-term fulfillment? Is it for myself alone, me, me, me? Or is it also for the sake of sharing? Those questions will help me to pause. Because the moment of pause is the moment of honesty, of really asking my soul "Where am I coming from?" I am not interested in the instant gratification because in life we have a choice. Do you want the instant gratification, or do you want the long term fulfillment? Do you want to work for the bank of Satan? Or do you want to work for the bank of the Light? Do whatever you want. Go for the instant gratification you're going to get the fulfillment, you're going to get the energy, but with this will come darkness. With this will come emptiness and negativity. Restricting is not always comfortable. Actually, another rule about restriction: the more uncomfortable the overcoming, it's very uncomfortable for me to overcome my laziness. It's very uncomfortable for me to let go and share with someone. Because restrictions sometimes means I have an opportunity to help, and my opponent says "no, not now." It's very uncomfortable, but I'm doing it anyways. So that restriction, going against my nature, against the grain, when deep inside I know it's the right thing. The more uncomfortable it is, the bigger the blessings. When I'm going through pain, for example, the natural reaction is run away from the pain! I can't stand it! Restriction means: accept it, love it, there is a blessing in it. I'm not saying you shouldn't do things and go to the doctor to fix it, but in the consciousness when we are going through pain, we can't stand it, we define it as a horrible thing. Actually, Kabbalistically, within the pain itself there is vaccination, and major miracles. It doesn't mean I want pain all day long, but when it comes already, by merely accepting it, and restricting the need to run away from it, actually, I am revealing a tremendous amount of light. Embrace it as an opportunity to grow. Darkness is an opportunity for light. It looks dark, but restrict, don't let yourself jump to conclusions. It's dark, it comes in a package of dark, but actually, great light comes with it, great miracles come with it. Restrict. Don't react right away. Restrict. Somebody's not nice to you. Don't react right away. See the bigger picture. Where are they coming from? Don't judge right away. When you go through a hard time, we need sometimes to speak badly about other people because it's empowering us, restrict. Let go. Yeah, but it feels so good to gossip, doesn't it? None of us are righteous. But the question is what do you want? Do you want temporary fulfillment or do you want real blessings in your life and real protection? That's a question you need to ask yourself constantly. It's not about being righteous and spiritual, it's about "I want more blessings!" For me and for the world! Going for the shortcut brings little blessings. Actually, it brings so many cares into our lives. The concept of restriction operates in every area in our lives. Even the idea that you forgot something that you wanted to say, you say "One second, let me think about it," and you really focus and focus, and you don't remember. You let it go, and suddenly it comes. When you restrict something that you badly want, and you want it too much for yourself, let it go. It's not that I don't want it at all. I want big things in life. But I'm too reactive about it now. Let it go, you will be amazed how it comes to you, if it's yours. It has to belong to you. Not everything really belongs to me. But if it's yours, you want it badly and you let go of the immediate need to grab, it will come if it's yours. It's interesting. In life, the concept of restriction works in many different ways. If you look at the Sun and planet Earth. The Sun is the source of light, which our planet receives the light from. But somehow, the space between the Sun and our planet is dark. How come it's dark? There are rays of light in between! How come? Because there is nothing to reflect, nothing restricting that light. The light that we see and we feel is only when it's restricted. When I just grab and take, and there's no reflection, there's no light. The same thing with the eardrum. When the sound waves reach our eardrums, the only way I can hear something is with the eardrum bouncing back the sound wave. If, God forbid, the sound waves penetrated through the eardrum, there would be a hole, and we wouldn't hear anything. The same thing in life. If in life I'm just grabbing, and taking, and filling myself up with everything, with money, with love, with attention, with energy, with whatever I want and I want, since I'm not reflecting, I'll always feel empty. And my hole will become bigger, and bigger, and bigger. The power of restriction. If I want more, if I want to expand my vessel more, am I willing to make more push-ups? More pressure on my muscles? I can handle more energy. I can handle more blessings. I am raising my consciousness. I am bringing more light into my life, I am shifting my reality. So, back to the homework: The homework for this week is, apply the proactive formula. Have it with you. Look at it a few times a day. Recognize those challenges, those situations that appear negative in your life. And have the strength to say, "Stop, restrict! Don't react!" "I want light! Forget about the challenges! There's blessings coming my way!" Right away, tell yourself, as the challenge comes, "Opportunity! Miracles!" "The Light is sending me hidden blessings!" Whatever it is, I'm focusing on it, I'm not going to be reactive. Overcoming the enemy within. And, of course, sometimes being proactive, for some people, is being loud, is being more aggressive. We are not saying here that don't be reactive means always being nice, and always being kind, and always saying yes to other people because we are actually going to learn, that sometimes proactive for one person is learning to say no. Because a lot of the time being Mr. Nice Guy is reactive. And it's pleasing, and it's all about getting attention because I'm too scared and afraid to say no. But sometimes proactive is saying no. Sometimes proactive is opening up and telling the other person what they've done that is wrong. Sometimes actually being proactive is from a place of win-win, from a place of helping, and not from a place of neediness and anger. You need to let go of someone from your life, the choices we need to make. And the answer is not definite, depending on the situation and depending on your soul. But if I am really restricted and asking the Light, "What is the right thing to do?" What is the light consciousness? What is the sharing consciousness? What is the long term solution for that situation? If I ask the right question honestly, clarity will come. And even if I made a mistake, I will learn from that mistake. So have an amazing time until the next session, all the best.

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Kabbalah 1 - 3

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