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>>Leland: It's a truck. >>Ross: Yeah, I don't know what the heck it is. >>Leland: I could've told you that. >>Ross: It's covered, huh? >>Leland: Yep. >>Ross: So... >>Ross: That's a nice paint job. Leland: Yeah. That's good for uh... grocery store parking lot. >>Ross: Oh, yeah. >>Chris: Yeah. Let me... let me get you back. Yeah, let me just do this, then I'm gonna call you. Hey guys, how is it going? >>Everyone: Pretty good. How are you doing? >>Chris: Great. >>Chris: Chris Roberts. >>Ross: Ross [Inaudible] >>Chris: All right. Ross?? >>Ross: Nice to meet you. Yes. >>Leland: Leland [Inaudible]. Yep. >>Chris: Leland? >>Chris: Oh, you guys related? >>Ross & Leland: Yes. >>Garret: It's nice to meet you. Yeah. >>Chris: And, Garret? Wow, cool. Nice to meet you. Chris Roberts, and I am the lead engineer here at the... Track Wall Racetrack. >>Garret & Ross: Okay. >>>Chris: Um... you guys own tracks? >>Garret & Ross: Yes, sir. >>Chris: Great. >>Chris: I love that. >>Ross: I love tracks. >>Chris: You work on 'em here. >>Chris: We're working on this project, right here. >>Chris: And we wanna get some feedback >>Ross, Leland, Garret: Okay. >>Chris: from people who own track. Can I ask you what contract you address? >>Ross: Uh, 2015 F250. >>Chris: [Inaudible] F250. >>Chris: And, Leland, right? >>Leland: Yeah, 2011... >>Leland: 2011 F250. >>Chris: 2011... >>Chris: You got a hammie down track? >>Leland: No. >>Chris: F250 as well. >>Garret: I've got 2010. I've got the old one, 150. Chris: 2010... >>Chris: 150. All right, great. >>Garret: Yes. >Chris: Great, uh... >>Chris: What do you like about your track? >>Leland: What do I like it? >>Leland: I like the room, the comfort. >>Leland: 'Cause we do a lot of long road trips. >>Chris: Okay. >>Leland: So happen, the heated the cooled seat, the comfort. >>Leland: The satellite radio. >>Chris: Okay. >>Leland: Um...and then, being able to tell. >>Leland: And move where I need to move. >>Chris: Great, great.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 3 seconds
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Genre: None
Views: 716
Posted by: spotwelders on Nov 22, 2017


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