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TLE Class 2: Free Will

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We're gonna have a discussion this evening about What's the difference between what is determined and what is free will And the answer is: it's a very interesting thing. First of all, we know that we've been put here. All of us have been put here. Because there is something that we didn't complete in the last lifetime. We know that the environment that we're in, the parents that we come from, our friends, Are all there, in this scenario, each and every one of us, As an integral part of a puzzle. To allow my soul to elevate, to go to whatever it is supposed to get to. Therefore, like David said, King David was born dead. So what did they do? They took years from different sadikim in their life And put together 70 years. And so, basically King David knew when he would die because he knew how many years he had. That was predetermined. So why did he create something called the Melaveh Malkah? A farewell to the Shebat, every Shebat that he lives. Well we know, King David understood that he would die on Shebat. And so that every Shebat that past, that he remained alive, Remain capable of fulfilling his potential, He created this feast, to thank the Creator for allowing him to continue on his journey. But, so that was predetermined, right? The answer is, the reason that he created this Melaveh Malkah, Was because anywhere on the journey, during that 70 year period which was given to him, Had he created a mistake, had he done something that was so serious, That he couldn't correct, That he couldn't change, perhaps his life would have been shortened. And so, therefore, when we talk about what was predetermined, Is very difficult to know What our span is, what are we supposed to do. But every time we find ourselves in the situation That we can do something to go forward, Or we lay back and we don't do anything. That may be the moment That can jump status, into the place that we have to be To grow into our free will, To allow us to find our space, To allow us to go to the next stage In our evolution and our spiritual goals. Tonight's discussion will be about this topic, And I hope that you and all of us here, Will create a little bit of enlightenment for ourselves, And take it home to others. Thank you!

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Free Will

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