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Liu Shiuan

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(Applause) (Music) (Applause) Good morning! I hope everybody is awake now. First, let's give our thanks to the two talented and beautiful musicians. Our Pipa player, Yan Peiru. And Erhu player, Chen Yifang. (Applause) Well, I guess I should be on behalf of all of the staff to say "Welcome" to everyone. Welcome! It's finally here again after a whole year waiting. Welcome to the 2nd annual Taipei TEDx. Yeah! (Applause) It was very honorable to be invited by Kevin to give a talk on this stage last year. But this year, we decided to have something different. Let me briefly introduce everyone the song I just performed. It is a new piece of mine. It's called "New Man Tang Cai" in English. (Laughters) This song is a combination of elements from the East and the West. But, I am very glad to have this opportunity to explain to you all the creative ideas behind this song. When we talk about music, there are some main elements. In fact, there are four. Melody, harmony, rhythm, and tone color. No matter which type of music, these four are always in it. Since I myself am a musician, I often think, i.e. when we listen to different types of music, they all have these four elements. But, different genres may have different priorities. Take dance music as an example, rhythm may be the first priority. However in traditional Chinese classic music, melody may be the one. So when I was creating dance music, I was hoping to sample not just one sound. I hoped to take the unique beauty the particular type of music can bring. So if we are talking about the traditional Chinese classic music, as matter of fact, its most beauty is from the elasticity of its rhythm. For instance, (Music: Erhu) (Great!) (Applause) Thank you, Yifang. In it, we can hear its rhythm is very free. But when it comes to dance music, its rhythm is very steady. So where does the beauty of dance music come from? I think for a while, it is from its repetition. It's like playing Peekaboo with a baby. If you say, "1, 2, 3, Ah!" "1, 2, 3, Ah!" "1, 2, 3, ..." Usually babies will start laughing. Why? Because they expect what will happen next, but you give him a surprise. So I think dance music is like this. So in this "New Man Tang Cai", I hoped to combine these two types of beauty together. So I created a new surprise. Of course I think there's something marvelous in Chinese classic music. Like the vocalist in the song. There's one part that goes faster gradually. like this....da........ Could you play the notes for me please? I can't really sing this. (Music: Pipa) Ok, so it was like this. So I wanted to say, if I put it in dance music, would I be able to exaggerate it a bit? So I used special effects to strengthen it. But while doing it, I intentionally created a silence because I think silence has its beauty in Chinese classic music. It is also from the emptiness after the elastic technique. This could be something that is hard to hear in dance music. So That's what I tried to do with the song. Speaking of this machine I used earlier, you must be curious about what my hand was doing before. This one in the front, let me tell you what it is. This is... Although this is a keyboard, a keyboard, OK. But when it is connected to a computer... I've sampled different sounds, including the Peiking Opera vocal you just heard. Then... (Music) Every key has different drum sound stored in it. So, like this I could use the keyboard as a drum set. (Music) Use it to perform my music. There's also a gong sound. (Music) I could send that to this machine. It has two infrared rays. So they could detect my hand. Then I could use this to add EQ and filter. So the effects will become (Music) OK. Just with this machine I already can have fun for a long time. (Laughters) So this will lead us to the theme of today's event. Unlearn. Play. And Inspire. I think we all have to unlearn what music is, and what keyboard is. This is not just a keyboard. It's a drum set. This is not just a traditional Chinese classic music, not just a dance music, It is actually a music without borders, without any dividing lines. Play. I hope everyone can have a lot of fun today. How about Inspire? Let me give the stage to the two hosts today, Jason and Kevin. Can everyone give them a big applause please? (Applause)

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Opening performance by Liu Shiuan

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