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99 Balloons

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Dear Eliot, right now you are 2 months from being born. We just found out that you have Trisomy 18, also called Edwards Syndrome. Doctors tell us that you won't likely make it to birth. Your mom and I are praying against that. We're praying for healing. We are praying for nothing less than a miracle. You're our first child, and the day of your birth couldn't come sooner. Dear Eliot, you were born today, weighing in at 6lb. You are already a miracle to us. Your mom is doing well and it looks like we’ll be hanging out here at the hospital, a little longer. Dear Eliot, today you turned 11 days old, we’re so proud of you! Today we celebrated your 11th birthday. In fact we do that every day at 4:59, the time we were born. Dear Eliot, we’ve been home for a week now, so that’s why you don’t see your nurses anymore. It’s great to have you home! Today I think we’ll pack up everything and take our first venture out for coffee. Dear Eliot, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you are connected to some tubes. The Doctor said that we have to keep these in so you can get oxygen to breath. You’re also fed through a feeding tube. We feed you every three hours and it takes us an hour and a half to do it. We've love learning to best take care of you... we love it! Lots of people email, call and send cards on your behalf, you're well loved! It’s 11 at night right now and my feeding shift has just begun. Mom is asleep and the best part of my day has begun. My shift ends around 4:45am, when your mom takes over. She cherishes her mornings with her boy. Today you turned one month old. I didn’t know if I'd ever get to say that. To top off the day, 20 friends showed up at the door for a true surprise birthday party for you. They sang, brought balloons and a birthday cake. It was a beautiful chaos. At 2am this morning your feeding tube came out. We had been warned this may happen eventually. We quickly realized that we did not have a stethoscope, which is necessary to replace the tube. Since our neighbor was a nurse, I went ahead and knocked at her door at 2:30am. They found their stethoscope and your mom went to it. After much wrestling, praying and your tears, the tube was down and you were able to feed. Just so you know, your mom is my hero! Dear Eliot, you now are a 7lb 3oz. You’re growing and your food has been bumped up because of your good appetite. You continue to find new ways to steal our hearts. Dear Eliot, today marks 2 months of your life. Your mom and I are so thankful we know you. We know your face, your noises; we know that bath time and massage are your favorite daily activity. You finally learned how to suck your thumb by yourself. Because of the Trisomy 18 you were born with clenched fist, and being able to do this is actually quite difficult. Way to go son!! Dear Eliot, we celebrate your birthday every day with a picture. Lately we've tried to get a bit more creative. Dear Eliot, I realize that you can get frustrated with your tubes and your frequent congestion. Please know that your mom and I are doing everything we can to make you comfortable. Dear Eliot, well, you tipped the scales today at 8lb 14 oz, quite an accomplishment! You also have managed to grow up a pretty decent mullet. Dear Eliot, we all got to go to a reunion at the hospital. I’ve never seen your mom more happy. The joy she felt getting to show off her son can’t be described with words. In fact, she’s compared to the way a mother would feel when her son becomes president or wins the Heisman, or develops a cure for cancer. The logics of Medicine said you shouldn’t be alive, but you are! You are such a fighter! Dear Eliot, you’ve now passed the 3 month mark. You’ve also got your first cordless pictures taken today. No feeding tube, oxygen or stickers. This is no small accomplishment, but we got it done. Have I told you lately that we are so proud of you? Dear Eliot, today you went to be with Jesus. An underdeveloped lung, a heart with a hole in it, and DNA that placed faulty information into each and every cell of your body, could not stop God from revealing Himself through a child who never uttered a word. Not a pulpit. Not a slick presentation. Not a bestselling book. But a 6lb boy with Trisomy 18. God found great pleasure to take a lowly thing in the eyes of the world and show Truth. At your funeral we released 99 balloons, each balloon representing a day of your life. How beautiful it was to watch. How quickly they were gone. And so today, we celebrate. Eliot, you are well! And although we miss you more than we can express, we are only separated from you by our time left on earth. See you soon, son! Mom and Dad.

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Parents of baby Eliot share their heart-felt story. . ..

99 Balões para celebrar a vida do bebê Eliot.

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