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Hello and welcome to Napier Television, we're here today in Morningside, at the Dominion Cinema one of Edinburgh's best kept secrets. Follow me to find out a little bit more about what makes this cinema special. The cinema was built in 1937 for twenty five thousand pounds by Captain WM Cameron. The cinema was set up to provide comfort and high customer satisfaction. The driving force behind the cinema was Derek Cameron who always kept aware of the competition from first, Television then video where he opened cinema two in 1972... Followed by cinema three in 1980 and cinema four in 1997. not forgetting the spool room restaurant, created in 1984. He handed over the running of the company to his sons, Mike and Al along with his Daughter, Lesley in 1996 who continued the tradition of constant improvement and excellent service. As you enter the Dominion Cinema, you get a really exciting feeling when you walk in. Unlike the multiplex cinemas such as the Odeon and Vue, this place really has that extra little touch which makes it really special. We're now going to speak to one of the owners of the Cinema, Alastair Cameron, who is going to tell us what makes it so special. Thankyou very much Alastair for coming to us today to speak to us. >> No problem. >> So what do you think it is that makes the Dominion so special and brings back families back here time after time? >> well we like to think it's the family commitment to service and style, it's a unique premises that stands out amongst all the others as somewhere to come on a special night out. >>Thankyou very much. One last question, what is your favourite experience personally of working here at the Dominion? >> It's got to be dealing with our customers, there a nice group of people that come in for a good nights entertainment and we try and supply that. >> Thankyou very much. Well there you have it, the Dominion Cinema is a special place and people keep coming back here time after time, so I think it's about time I get my seat and my popcorn and enjoy my film. [Music]

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Posted by: willowcreekpictures on Mar 20, 2011

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