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27 Storms of 2005

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27 Storms, Arlene to Zeta. Lets examine what made Atlantic conditions so favorable for formation in 2005. we begin with the ocean, these are the sea surface temperatures for the 2005 hurricane season, changing through time as the calendar advances warm water powers hurricanes orange and yellow areas show water warmer than 82 degrees the threshold for hurricane development. Lets start the season again, this time adding clouds back into the picture Atlantic basin hurricane typically form between June and November. Hurricanes often start as atmospheric disturbances off the coast of west Africa. Once out into the warm summer waters of the mid Atlantic some ripples begin to rotate and feeding off of warm water and strengthen into hurricanes. hurricane require warm water to heat air above the ocean causing a drop in air pressure lower air pressure sucks more water vapor into the storm causing storms to strengthen As hurricanes pass over warm water They leave trails of relatively cooler water So called cool water trails numbers displayed over storm tracks indicate hurricane category changes Strong shearing winds in the troposphere can disrupt this process weakening young storms But measurements indicate that there was very little shearing activity in 2005 to impede storm formation Hurricanes are rare phenomenon only 80 or 90 appear world wide every year storms stalked the Atlantic Ocean and eastern seaboard from June until early winter in 2005 and the record books are groaning under the strain of such a busy year. consider this list of superlatives an average year produces roughly 10 storms 27 names storms formed in 2005 an average year produces 6 hurricanes, 15 formed in 2005 an average year produces 2 major hurricanes 7 formed in 2005 on average one category 5 hurricane forms every 3 years in 2005 there were 3, Katrina, Rita and Wilma. Wilma was the most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded Katrina 4th Rita 6th but Katrina was the most destructive hurricane ever to hit the united states The total losses from storms in 2005 include more that 1200 lives and potentially more that 100 billion dollars This visualization shows some of the actual data that NASA and NOAA satellites measured this season data used predict the paths and intensities of hurricanes satellite data can play a vital role in helping us understand the land, ocean and atmosphere systems that have such dramatic effects on our universe

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Posted by: plewi006 on Sep 30, 2009

This is a short video that talks about hurricanes in general and more specifically those that occurred in 2005.

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