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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -20:00:00 - 20:29:59

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[Zachary in the background] --Yeah. --Not bad, right? --Yeah, but I usually see this type of work from you. --Ok. Put this back in your bag. --Everything all right with your boat? --Yeah. Yeah. --You want him inside? --No, not inside. --I'll put him outside. --Yep. --[Joaquim whistles] Come on then. --'Fique, let's go! --‘Fique, go! --Come here. --Go on. --You leaving? --No, because of the traffic towards the city. --[Evelyn] Really? --Yes. --In Quebec city? --No, in Trois-Rivieres. -- What were you saying this morning? --If I'm coming back... --But it's the right time though. --Oh, I don't know. Why the long face? We'll see each other tomorrow. [to Evelyn] Bye, my lady. Good night. See you tomorrow, go on! --Come here, Jo. --Bye. --Bye. you want to hand me my shoes over there? Ok, well, see you later. Bye. --Bye. --See you tomorrow. --Ok, yeah tomorrow. --Bye. --It'd be great if you wanted to give a call. --Yep. Ok. Ok. Are you going to wait for us, Pierre, so we can go in your car? --Perfect. Ok. So, could you get me my jacket...and...the bag to this? --It's in the car. In the truck. --The truck? And my jacket, too? --Yes, it's there. --Ok. Thanks. --Ok, before I leave, I just need to put the trash out front. --I have my alarm set for tomorrow morning. --And the camera, I'm telling the morning... --That's enough, you two. did's funny that...what you're saying...Oh my god. Bye-bye. --Yeah, it's fine. Go on. --Are you ok? --Yeah. Ok. I won't talk to you then. --Don't bother troubling yourself. --Ok, yep, ok. --However...wait for Patrick...of course. --Ok. I don't know if he is going to try to film us when you leave from the house and... --We'll let the wife's dogs nip him... her dogs with their paw-paws, her dogs with their paws. --Poor animals. Here we go. Yes, that's it. I hope not to forget the other one. --Yes, exactly. --Hopefully, he'll understand we are waiting. Can Patrick? Ok, Patrick's coming. --Is he coming with us or...? --Well, yeah, he's coming with us because he's walking towards us. He's really excited about filming... --You want to get in on the other side? --Ok. --Ok. --Everything set? --And we're off! --The advantage of living in the Quebec-Trois-Rivieres area is that we don't have many problems with traffic. My coworkers who live in the Trois-Rivieres-Montreal area are constantly caught in traffic jams because of construction... ...road closings for all sorts of demonstrations in Montreal although in our area we... We have very few traffic problems. Leaving the house that...arriving at the pilot's depot...that takes at most 10 minutes. --Trois-Rivieres is nice. You like it? --I love Trois-Rivieres. I was... I was...I tell Zachary so many times... ...his book really added to the pride of... Trois-Rivieres because.... We've been here for 13 years now as I was saying before... I am originally from Valleyfield and my wife is from Sorel. When we chose an area to live for work... Well, actually, we didn't really choose... The only choice that presented itself really... to me as a boat pilot was the Quebec-Trois-Rivieres area. For years now, the other areas have been recruiting also. either for Quebec-Les Escoumins or the other areas of our company and us, Trois-Rivieres-Montreal.'s been 13 years that the only area where there was a need... was the Quebec-Trois-Rivieres area so... the choice that was...that was offered to me ...but equally to my family as well... ...because that.... ...also included... ...a move for the family and to Quebec-Trois-Rivieres. choice that we had was... ...continue to drive boats or... moving....either to Quebec... ...or to Trois-Rivieres... And then um...being from the West... Well, we didn't have... anyone in either the Quebec or Trois-Rivieres areas. ...We didn't really know anyone in Trois-Rivieres or in ...when it was time to choose, we thought about it, and we chose Trois-Rivieres. It's closer to where we are from... and so, it's easier to go to family activities in Sorel or Valleyfield. But we discovered a city that had largely been changed by the incorporations that took place in The mayor of Trois-Rivieres right now is actually originally from Trois-Rivieres-Ouest and who used to be a sailor, by the way who was an officer on a boat before starting the restoration process of the city and... becoming Mayor of the old city of Trois-Rivieres-Ouest and... after the incorporation of 2002 elections were held and.... um...Mr. Lévesque...was elected mayor... of the new entity called "city of Trois-Rivieres". We have really benefitted from its energy...and from his dynamism because the city took a different direction completely different...and... the city center of Trois-Rivieres was really something to be seen. The summer... in fact Fridays I think the main road is closed. And it became the epitome of restaurants, cafes...there's a stadium. There's even a university and one of its preparatory technical schools actually there's more than one of those... there's one technical prep school at least, I think, if not two private colleges (high schools) It's a really interesting city. We're an hour from Montreal an hour and 10 minutes or 15 minutes from Montreal. An hour and 10 minutes or 15 minutes from Quebec Trois-Rivieres is really worth getting to know. There's a lot of new construction both commercial and residential There are large building complexes that have been built. I love Trois-Rivieres. --You're not really attracted to large cities. --No, it's not that I hate cities. I had... to go there a lot for business. I just left in August. I had an administrative position with my company. I was vice president. We have... the company was directed by an administrative board that made up of 5 members, There's a president that comes from one of the company's regions either Quebec-Trois-Rivieres or Trois-Rivieres-Montreal. Vice presidents from each region and... administrators from each region. In August, I had completed 2 years as vice president of the Quebec-Trois-Rivieres area and we 2 large negotiations in 2001 and 2002. I needed to go to Montreal lot of times the summer, spring, and fall with all the construction that had taken place in the past few years if we had to go to the city at 9am or before 9am, It was easier just to spend the night before in Montreal to leave at dusk from here then to go to a hotel in Montreal not too far from the place...where we were meeting because... If we didn't, in order to get to the meeting at 9am in the city center, I had to leave the house by at least 5.45am and...leaving for the city at 5.45am that became really hard to do each month... and going to a hotel in Montreal... before meetings. But the big city has its advantages, too, but here in Trois-Rivieres we have the advantages of a large city without the inconveniences. And that's what I like. --You getting up, Patrick? --Yeah. --Um, no, I need to put on my things. --Ok. --So, it's behind the car....yeah. --Yes. Are you going to go in front of the car? Because if you do... You won't have Could you close the door? And also maybe grab our stuff. Ok. It's the should be the one to the right if I'm not mistaken. --All right so, we are going into what we call the meeting our waiting area for the large boat. Here it's the pilot boats, those are the ships that take us to the large boats. Anyway the waiting area... the one for Trois-Rivieres, the waiting area is very basic. When we get to Quebec, the waiting area there, we'll visit the Quebec one, which is a.... super nice waiting area. --How's it going? --Hi. How are you? I'm going to introduce you to the crew that is going to take us um... to the large boat. Here is Captain Ghislain. And um... seaman Donald, --Mhm. ...his assistant. They are going to be the ones responsible for our setting off aboard the Federal Kumano. --What's the point of what you're doing? --um...well, we are following Pierre for 24 hours. So, we have already been following him for several hours, not 24 but still...2 and a half hours... Yep. That's the idea. --24 hours in the life of a boat pilot. --Ah. --I am taking a blank sheet of paper, ok? --Ok, take one, buddy. They are under the... --Ah. No problem...[putting back a sheet] This is for you. --If you lift up the.....there are some blank ones right there.... --Are these old codes? --No, it's no big deal. It's for the other day. --Ah yep. That's fine. --...the codes...we print them here... --No, that's it. --Do you have one or.... you have a new form? --No. --Electronic forms? --Non. --Well, I saw some...I was thinking when we have arrived at the boat... --It's a site and um... that does not matter how you access it...either on the computer... You can look through if that's what you need.... and the form is right there and all filled out and the names of the boats are there, the characters, etc... just to verify. Once it's verified, then I verify the characters again here... chosen time is already is already blocked out... all we need to do is just embark....just embark and then... the method of embarquement, either by pilot boat or from the dock... And there you have it...then we indicate the names of the captains...we see that...then... --Still we have just messages...that we...we have to... resend our messages... then resend all of the messages that follow... and that worked really well actually. --...that is coming soon? --No, it's....I don't think that.. the character...but...we are trying them in Montreal-Les Escoumins.'s old-fashioned to the same time... --Yeah, it is. --This is the renowned series I was telling you about before. I put these copies back for whoever is paying me. --That's Jack's car? --Yes, yes it is. [while reading] This isn't the right schedule? Yeah...anyway... --That's Jack's car. --Looking out from here, there is a really pretty view of the Trois-Rivieres port.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
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Posted by: globallives on Oct 1, 2013

Pierre checks the news on his laptop. He discusses school papers with his son Joaqim before saying goodbye to his sons and wife. He then gets into his truck and drives to work. He introduces his Groupe Ocean colleagues and does paper work in his office before sitting outside on a porch.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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