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Your Highness (2011)

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(narrator) In a far away land, there lived two brothers.... brave and bold - The other? Not so much. Woo! Courtney, will you make funny faces to entertain me? [laughing] No! Never triangle face. I hate triangle face. It scares me. (blonde man) Your brother is about to embark on a quest. (Fabious) The evil wizard Leezar has taken my love. [scream] You must journey with your brother to rescue his bride. Can I sleep on it? (Fabious) Brother, I don't think you'll need that armor. You may quest the way you like, I will quest the way I like. Here I come. [metal crashing] Ow. This quest sucks. I shouldn't even be here. I will probably die on this quest. Courtney definitely will. If we work together, we can destroy Leezar once and for all. With our huge muscles, we shall protect you. Oh, really. Oh, - really. That didn't really go as planned. (Fabious) What right have you to spy on a bathing woman? (Thadeous) I'm simply keeping an eye on her. Oh god, she's looking at us. Remain perfectly still. [Dropkick Murphys - "The Warrior's Code"] ♪ You're a fighter ♪ ♪ You've got the fire ♪ [bison growls] Aaaaaah! Why would anyone want to be with you? (Leezar) I'm not sure really. Oh yea, perhaps because I'm rich, I live in a castle, and I can do magic. ♪ Micky, he's got the warrior's code ♪ What the .... Ow! (Fabious) You've got to suck out the venom. I don't want to suck it, you suck it. (Fabious) I can't reach it with my mouth. Courtney, suck the venom! (Courtney) I've never sucked... Suck it! Nice. Whenever you maidens are ready... Finally, alone. Thadious? Yes? I've not been able to stop thinking of you. What a coincidence! I was just about to finish thinking of you. We come to seek counsel. (with a lisp) Come come.Give me kisses. Kiss him. Hell no. For the quest. Hello. Nice to meet you. [creature moans] [Captions by]

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