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Assemblage du vin blanc 2008 au Domaine de Chevalier

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Monsieur Dubourdieu, what are your impressions of this vintage? And how do you feel in particular about Domaine de Chevalier's white wines now that you have taken part in creating the final blend? It is said that the quality of a vintage is determined by two factors The way it tastes and the expectations the market holds for it. With regard to the 2008 vintage, I have no qualms about the taste, but it's true I'm not so comfortable with the market, which is less receptive in the current world economic climate. There is a risk that the wine's quality will be underestimated because of it. 2008 is a very good, perhaps even a very great vintage for both dry white and sweet wines. Unfortunately, however, the crop was quite small So 2008 will not have a big impact on the market simply because there's not very much of it. The crop was small because the weather was so temperamental. Spring was extremely wet, accompanied by frost. So, things did not exactly get off to a good start. The situation improved in July, which was beautiful, and this mattered a great deal. There's an old saying, that "July makes the bouquet". That's because a dry July inhibits vegetative growth on the best terroirs, and concentrates the vine's vigour on ripening. The month of August was a mixed bag. The first and last weeks of the month were fine, in between were cold and wet. However, it was largely because most of the french are away on holiday on the 15 th of August that they tend to think of the whole month as being awful. In fact, rainfall was in line with the thirty-year average And then, of course, there was a fantastic Indian summer starting on the 3 rd and 4 th of September The sunny, mild weather was excellent for slow, even ripening, and there was a huge difference between daytime and evening tempertures This was especially advantageous for the white wine varieties, as well as late-maturing red varieties such as Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. I find 2008 white Domaine de Chevalier stunning. It has great balance and concentration. The PH is really low, so there is lovely, vibrant acidity. However the wine is also well-focused, rich and very pure. I think it will be enjoyable young, but also for a very long time to come. Honestly, I think it's fantastic! A few lots may be slighty bitter, but they may still have a role to play in the final blend. What incredible sweetness, absolutely incredible! In fact there are two kinds of bitterness. There's the fresh kind you find in grapefruit that makes you salivate, and then there's the bitterness due to certain phenolic compounds that is a little dry. and doesn't have the same appetising qualities. Slightly salty... Olivier, what do you think about the 2008 white wines of Domaine de Chevalier after this tasting? There was twenty samples to taste, and this is the first time ever that all but one (a vat of press wine) will go into the "grand vin" I have never seen such a consistently good vintage! We knew in advance there would be a a small crop because of the frost in April and the poor weather during flowering. The 2008 vintage is altogether remarkable at both Domaine de Chevalier and Domaine de la Solitude. Denis Dubourdieu, was full of praise during the trial blend we made this morning, and he confirmed that he had seldom encountered such quality. He believes that 2008 will surpass 2007, already a benchmark vintage for us. This makes me and my team very happy. Of course, it takes many people, such at the workers out there pruning the vines, to make a great wine like this. I am also thinking back to the choices we had to make during the rather complicated white wine harvest, which had to be done in several stages. I have never picked grapes as late as this. We finished picking the white wine grapes in October! However, the fruit was magnificent! 2008 was a vintage requiring patience which, believe me, took some guts! However, thanks to the fantastic Indian summer, we made incredible wines. 2008 white Domaine de Chevalier is powerful, but in no way overpowering or rustic. It is a true Chevalier, with the château's trademark precision, concentration, and freshness on the afterstate. In fact, the richness and length on the finish are what sets 2008 apart from 2007, and denotes a truly great wine. This is no run-of-the-mill wine tarted up with new oak We didn't mention the word "oak" once during the tasting! Today's session was historic because the fact that so many vats will go into the "grand vin" is an extremely good sign. The only downside is that there is so little of it. 2008 will be remembered as a very small vintage, but of oustanding quality. As for the market, we'll see in two or three months... A small crop is perhaps not such a drawback. Seeing as it's very good, we should have no problem selling it, and perhaps it will put a little pressure on the market - wich could certainly use it.

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Dégustation d'assemblage du blanc, millésime 2008

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