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It felt like a victory rally For a collation of catalan pro-independence parties It succeeded in turning this election into a vote on weather this region should break away from Spain and as the results came in they claimed they want a mandate to set a ‘’parf’’ to what’s independence The pro-independence moviment here in Catalonia aplenty this as a complete victory but it is not the way in they wanted it looks like they’ve got the majority of 6 in the catalan parliament but not the majority of votes The liven have to team up with the small anticapitalistic separatist party to have a majority of seats but Catalonia’s president painted an ambiguous result as a clear success ‘’We have won the plebiscites this is the important thing.’’ ‘’We have a clear absolute majority in the Catalan parliament to go ahead.’’ The Spanish government would say he and his movement failed but in the ascends of a real referendum here he’s supporters believe they can push ahead ‘’If we don’t get a majority in votes we should question again the population of Catalonia.’’ ‘’If the Spanish government won’t let you you’ll have a referendum?’’ ‘’Yeah, that’s the problem.’’ ‘’What happens after tonight?’’ ‘’A new government and the beginning of the process of Independence I think’’ ‘’Even if you don’t have 50% of the votes?’’ '’Yes’’ ‘’In this election?’’ ‘’Yes, because I think it’s not fair in counting votes if it’s not a real referendum’’ The ultimate threat is to declare Independence without the consent of the Spanish States. It’s the tactic of the pro-Independence movement to try and pressure Madrid into allowing a proper referendum.

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