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Out On A Limb - Part 18/24 - 1986 - Shirley MacLaine

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I think people who don't have any self doubt are so courageous. Dangerous. Well, I have a lot of self doubts, xxxxxxxxxxxxxthey want you think the way they do. You think I'd give up? What? Wanting to think my way... No. The most I get from news, you can get a little impatient with people. What's wrong? This get something to do with you and your friend? What you said about me is fair. I want him to look at some things he's doing and........he won't do it. On the other hand.....he won't accept what I'm looking into cause he's so frightened about these things. And I'm afraid I'm gonna lose him. Some of my friends too. I know. That happened to me. But you won't lose real friends. Real friends are people who let you have.... your own truth, whatever it is. Well, I believed in everything I saw. xxxxxx Now, all of the sudden I find that there were playing from some spiritual play, right? When I look at xxxxx Well, that's what happens when you finally take a look. But you'll get another part, next time around. So will they. And we'll all play it better. xxxxx xxxx Oh, I hate this hot makes me cry. Where is Aramira??now? She'll be back soon. She'll fetch another ride. You'll get your ring back, don't worry. Thanks for listening to me, David. I have something that I want to tell you now. I want you to listen and try not to get....upset. Why would I get upset? OK. OK, yeah. -It's about a girl...and her name is Maya. Oh. A woman. Is this the one you said you would loved her most????xx That's good. That's good. Ask me more questions. That way I can ease my way into. Oh, OK. xxxx Ahm....did you have a love affair with her? Well, it wasn't a real love affair. It was more like a "cosmic" love affair. Yeah, don't they all seem that way? Ask me some more questions All right....ahm...what was her profession? Aaa....she was a.... geologist. She was here on a mining expedition. A mountain pick up, David. Oh, no, no, no...anything like that. OK. I'll tell you. I was out walking alone one morning and I saw her driving alone this very road on an old xxxx. She stopped, she got out.....she was wearing blue jeans I think... And...ah....I couldn't take my eyes off her face; it was translucid. It knocked me for a loop. It just felt so peaceful looking at her. What else did she look like? Since very small (petite) she had long dark hair and big dark eyes like I never seen before... when she walked, it was she was flowing, when she talked to me it was she'd known what I was thinking...she knew everything about me, she knew my life, she knew my friends, my past friends, what I was doing, my pain and everything. How did she know about it? Well, I don't know. I asked her and she said that she would tell me later. A lot like you, wasn't she? she started talking about the world and governments and how people were destroying themselves with negative attitudes and how people needed to believe in themselves positively and....ah....then she talked about Christ teachings and she said that if people would really understood Christ teachings they wouldn't have a lot of the problems that they have today. Was she a religious fanatic or something? No!, she was not. That was the thing. It was ah...she was talking more about the earth and its importance to the Cosmos and...ay...I don't know.... I asked her what where she was staying, she wouldn't tell me and then she left, then she came back and she found me again...ah....but could we just pull over for a second? Sure. Do you remember when you asked me how I got into all this...spiritual stuff? Right. Well....before I met Mayan, I couldn't cared less whether there was life after death, or God was alive and well and living in Orange County and souls...I mean, all that stuff was wacko to me, all right? Right... And then, after a while I began listening to her....and then, then I realized that she was giving me some sort of scientific information and then she told me to write it down. She told me to write it down and she told me then that I would pass it along to the right person who would see that it was noticed. And I think...I think that maybe that you! Me?! Ah...ok, then why didn't you show me what you wrote down? Well....because of who she is. Ask me some more questions.... David, this is a really dumb game! Please! Just ask me some more questions! Oh, God. Questions? What kind of questions? I mean, help me! All right...."Mayan" very exotic sounding name... She's from Polynesia or something like that? No! Farther than that. - Farther...what? Farther East? Is she from Japan, is she from China? -No... not farther East, farther...up! Farther up? I sound like a street man in a vaudeville act. Farther up...and farther out? You are the one who's farther out...farther're making it sound like she's from another planet! That's right! That's it! That's it! What's it? -What you just said! Come on, David...-Yes, yes, yes! That is why I couldn't tell you! You're telling me that this Mayan person...this friend of yours, was from another planet? But...I...I swear to God, it's true! I believe it's true! Oh, my God... Yes...and she proved it to me. She proved it to me. I would like to go home.

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Out on a Limb was an autobiographical book written by Shirley MacLaine in 1983 and adapted for television in 1986. The ABC Television miniseries starred Shirley MacLaine (playing herself), John Heard as "David Manning", and Charles Dance as "Gerry Stamford ". It details MacLaine's journeys through new-age spirituality. We follow MacLaine from California to various locations including New York and Europe, culminating in a life-changing trip to the Andes mountains in Peru. Central characters include "David" who is, according to MacLaine herself, a composite character, "Gerry Stamford", a married man and member of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, with whom MacLaine was having an affair, and real-life close friend and politician, Bella Abzug (played by Anne Jackson).

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