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Never have I ever had a secret party trick? (laughs) Yeah I have. What is it? (more laughing) I can make this sound with my head. What?! If I... (laughing) This is the first time, you're lucky, this is the first time anyone has seen this, okay. Apart from my mate's and my very close friends. You're lucky that I'm doing this. I can kind of (makes sound) Did you hear that? (continues sound) Yeah. Does that hurt? Doesn't hurt. Doesn't hurt. But I've always been able to do it since I was a kid. And you break that out at parties? I can't do it at parties... too loud... usually no one can hear it, but uh, you just look like an idiot banging your head. But uh, yeah that's probably the best party trick I've got. Unfortunately. Never have I ever used someone else's tooth brush? Have. I'm from New Zealand. It happens a lot. People in New Zealand use other people's toothbrushes? It's, it's chill. Americans aren't chill with that kind of stuff. I've realized. And there's a shortage of them in New Zealand? There must be a shortage ay, there must be with the boys. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo? Have. What do you have? I'm part Samoan, so I have a Samoan tattoo on my shoulder. Is it massive? is in this shoulder, it's about that big, it was meant to be the start of a long piece but um I started acting and it's probably not the best idea to do that now. Never have I ever had an embarrassing username? Yes. Have. My email address, I think, when I was about ten to about a year ago was [email protected] John Cena. I loved John Cena. I was obsessed with him so I made Kj Cena. Are you still into John Cena? I love John Cena still, he's a legend. Maybe you can bring him in for season 2? I'd love that. That'll be sick. Maybe he could be like one of the serpents or something. Yeah. Or he could be Betty's long lost brother.

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Posted by: noelialagos on Mar 28, 2019

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