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Spray drying

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Assalamualaikum and very good evening. We are from group 3. We are going to suggest few modifications to produce soursop powder. The main problems in our case study are low yield in powder production, are low yield in powder production, it is not easily reconstitute in water and it form clumps when it is rehydrated in water. So there are two modifications that can be make which is addition of food additives and modification in term of processing. and modification in term of processing. The first modification is by adding food additive which is maltodextrin Maltodextrin is a hydrocolloid which it can facilitate the drying process It can absorb moisture from the food itself. Then, it also increases the glass transition temperature. The low yield problem occurs because the Tg temperature for soursop juice is low. which causes stickiness problem and form the clump and it sticks to the wall of the chamber during drying process. The first step that we can do to prevent the problem is by using food additive. The first one we use maltodextrin Maltodextrin can solve clumping problem and increase the yield of soursop powder. The glass transition temperature for soursop powder is a bit low cause it has high sugar content In order to increase the glass transition temperature, we can use maltodextrin so that it will reduce the stickiness and avoid the production of clump Maltodextrin is also hygroscopic which facilitate the drying process It will absorb moisture from the powder and drying process will be much easier. It is also low cost and white colour. It will not affect the white colour of soursop powder itself. Next food additive is anti-caking agent. The anti-caking agent that we will use is tricalcium phosphate. It will avoid clumping between the powder and it is also white in colour. It will not change the white colour of soursop itself. Next, we will proceed to the processing part. These are the three equipment for drying process. We will add another process which is concentrating process. Concentrating process will speed up the drying process. We will use vacuum evaporator to concentrate up until 50% of concentrated soursop juice. The cost for vacuum evaporator is a bit high but it has low maintenance cost which is beneficial for a long run. Then, it has low operating temperature. Our juice is heat sensitive so it will not cause changes to the fruit juice compound. It also use low energy consumption and it can be used for an aqueous solution which is suitable for our liquid type of fruit juice. That's all. Then we will proceed to drying process by Syifaa’. Thank you Humey. Now I will talk about spray drying process. In this process, the inlet air temperature is 180oC. In this chamber, we use concurrent flow dryer because it is a liquid drying. The outlet temperature is less than 50oC This means that the powder have no heat degradation. Then the droplets with the highest moisture in contact with air at highest temperature Then, after spray drying process it will proceed to the cyclone. This process is where the separation between air and soursop powder. Then, after cyclone it will pass through fluidized bed dryer. In this process, the fluidized bed dryer is used to agglomerate the powder which will improve the rehydration of the soursop powder. It will be easily reconstitute in cold water. This process is also for further drying of the powder. For the end products, the powder itself has moisture content of 1.17 %, water activity of 0.19 and total soluble solid of 89.67 Brix value Then, the soursop powder will be package using a single film. We use this packaging because it has moisture and gas barrier. Then, the anticaking inside the powder is tricalcium phosphate. The properties of this anticaking is white colour and will increase the white colour of the powder. So that is all from us. Thank you! :)

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