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A student who is really curious is going to do well here. I wasn't anticipating the level of support that I would feel here. They actually care about you succeeding. Relaxed community with academic rigor -- that is all true.

Absolutely, our students are going to be ready to go to work. We are in a particular kind of crossroads here in Berkeley.

Across the street is the Graduate Theological Union library -- it's the anchor for 8 different schools and an inter-religious program, as well as an ecumenical program. And this invites people into a conversation they might not be able to enter into anywhere else in theological studies in America. CDSP sits in an area that has a ton of diversity around it and also has a ton of faith traditions, and that's really where the church is at now too. The ecumenical and inter-religious landscape here at the GTU -- that is also the real life of many Christian communities in the West. The church in the West has the gift of not being trapped in nostalgia because we have always had to be one institution among many. Rigorous academic preparation is part of the entire seminary formation experience. Students need to be able to give an account of the faith that is in them. They need to be able to speak in clear and compelling ways about why they believe in Jesus Christ and why other people should believe in Jesus Christ, in order to be Christian leaders in the world today. It's practical critical thinking skills in every single one of the classical disciplines. "How will this help my ministry?" I mean the true story is that for my first several years of ordained ministry and parish ministry I kept all of my class notes and resources in a file cabinet in my office, and pulled on them often. I was so excited hearing that CDSP had the community organizing class. For me community organizing -- I see that as a real point of evangelism and witness. What we're talking about is what might be relevant in the world that really does exist -- the world that we'll really graduate into. One of the things that I appreciate about CDSP is I really do feel like the faculty here listen. I have found the faculty to be very responsive, often times reaching out to us as students to find out how we are doing and to get our input. I think our faculty are particularly adept to working with low-residence students My e-mails are always responded to, and usually by, "hey, when are you in the office today?" "Pick up the phone, and give me a call." There are ways that we stay connected. Being flexible, and really listening to the student voices, and hearing what students have to say. And not just hearing them, but actually trying to incorporate those needs and those wishes into the curriculum, into what they do moving forward. Worship at CDSP is joyful and a true experience of being in community together. I love being able to be centered, and meditate, and be quiet and be still. and that has spiritually formed me in ways I didn't know was possible. Because we have Morning and Evening Prayer every day there is a sense of being able to, in a good way, get lost in it -- because it is becoming part of life. We pray together, we set up a virtual Daily Office so that we are praying together in our own time zone coast-to-coast. The good product of my liturgics education at CDSP had to do with liturgical thinking about looking around a space, and reading your congregation and your community and knowing how to make appropriate liturgical decisions that point people toward Jesus and nurture and develop the community. Well, I just am excited about the vibrancy of the community itself. Before I arrived I'd heard a lot about the community here. There's real life in the student body, there's growth in the student body. I didn't have any idea how easy it would be to become a part of that. Community life at CDSP is warm and inviting. I didn't really understand the idea of community until I got to CDSP. We were able to double our student of color population here. And that's something they care about --something that they work on. The dorms are a fun place to live in a lot of ways. That's where I'm being formed -- is those casual conversations over dinner, living in community. Seeing how my classmates turn what we're learning about, their theology how we're relating to scripture, into their real life. How they're really living it out. Doing ministry with already that sense of having built-in allies and partners in ministry is pretty amazing. The biggest gift that I lean on from CDSP are the collegial relationships that I established here. Formation takes place in the classroom, it takes place in chapel, it takes place in the conversations that we have on Thursday nights over a couple of drinks down the street at the pizza parlor. Formation is happening at every moment at CDSP.

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