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For breakfast some of us may still eat flavoured instant oatmeal. But as you have transitioned towards maybe the plain oatmeal how many of us have taken another step towards steel cut oats? audience replies] [dietician] Yes?! Yeah!! Many people still don’t eat steel cut oats because they say “I don’t have 30 minutes in the morning to cook it” but take some time the night before soak it and then it cooks within 5 minutes. Others have said they cook 3 days’ worth of oatmeal and then in the morning they just warm it up. The other key concept I want you to take away from this slide is that oatmeal no matter what type of oatmeal, whether it’s instant oatmeal, rolled oats, quick oats, large flake... it still is a carbohydrate even though it is a higher fibre carbohydrate you are still going to get the same nutrients, it’s about the glycemic index It’s the degree to which your blood sugar will be effected That’s why we want you to move towards the steel cut oats as it’s the least processed But because it’s still is a carbohydrate as we had talked about the healthy plate we want you to pair it with something; some kind of protein or fat to make sure your blood sugar doesn’t spike as fast. That’s why here in this picture we have a little bit of nuts and seeds. Ideally it should be fresh fruit as opposed to the dried fruit because again dried fruit has the additional sugar. That’s why a lot of us are doing the nuts and seeds and throwing on the fresh berry or maybe we’ll have some Greek yogurt for the extra protein or maybe we’re having an egg. So don’t forget that’s what the complete oatmeal should be like.

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