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Shift Happens - Cubicle-Free Work

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Shift Happens - Cubicle-Free Work Reducing their carbon footprint just made the CEO ‘To Do’ list. Green is in. Teleworkers saved the planet 45 millions tons of greenhouse gases last year. 9/11. Katrina. Minnesota bridge collapse. Being prepared to operate in an emergency is now a business necessity. Sustainability is in. Flexible teams and virtual workers know how to work from other places. It's what they do. Trimming waste is in. Facilities managers are cutting real estate costs by rethinking who needs to come into an office. IBM saves >$1billion/year in real estate AT&T saved $25million and improved productivity by $65 million Sun saved $69M Unisys cut office space by 90% by increasing mobile & flexible work Commuting is out. Driving an hour to sit an office to talk on the phone to someone else who drove an hour to sit an office… is nuts. $1 trillion is spent each year in time and vehicle expenses -- in commuting. That’s 1/14th of the US GDP. Mobile work is in. Working from home, Starbucks… wherever it makes sense. 95% of US households have access to highspeed internet. 1 in 2 subscribe. Home-shoring or off-shoring? Teleworkers? The mobile phone is replacing the pc as the main connection to the internet. Mobile telecoms. Anytime, anywhere work. Technology is in. E-business E-mail E-files E-materials It’s the e-ification of work Flexible/mobile work technology is exploding. Wifi. Groupware. Telepresence. No-place-at-all work tools. How many of the top ten bestselling novels in Japan were written on mobile phones? Half. Knowledge work is in. 85% of employees produce ideas or attention, not things. Innovation doesn't hatch in a cubicle. Knowledge has a short shelf life. Knowledge workers know better than their manager how to do their job. Micromanaging is out. Customized is in. 9 to 5 is out. Innovation is in. Try it a new way. Shared jobs. Flexed schedules. Diversity is in. of gender, generation, background of point of view. Half the retiring boomers, 12% of the disabled are ready to contribute if they can work in a different way. 79% of employees want more choice and control over how, when and where they work. It's what's on their 'To-Do' list. Giving people more control over how they work can cut medical costs in half. The tools are there The workers are there Employers are almost there The shift is happening Passion for work. Passion for life. written by: Sandy Burud & Karol Rose Certified Women's Business Enterprise

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Duration: 3 minutes and 11 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: FlexPaths - Halley Hopkins
Director: FlexPaths - Sandy Burud
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Posted by: flexpaths on Feb 17, 2009

FlexPaths cares about work/life and how to help you achieve it, manage it and succeed at it. This video is intended to highlight the paradigm shift at all levels towards productive solutions for employees, employers and corporations. - -

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