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Plan El Salvador - La Degradacion de Recursos

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The Degradation of Our Resources Well, the Balsamo range is pretty much the only one that provides oxygen and water for the communities in Santa Tecla and all the communities in the Southern Zone such as Las Granadillas, El Limon, El Matazano. And it´s the same one that ends up here near Comasaguas and all these communities here. There were more animals before. You don't even see birds anymore. There aren't any animals here in the community now. Here, less than a kilometer away, they are building some pipes and foundations -- apparently it's an exclusive zone. Here the big older farms don't operate anymore. The Providence farm, the Santa Rita farm, they aren't functioning... San Isidro, Tenerife. Instead they are turning them into exclusive residential zones. Since the climate is nice and it's near the city they are destroying everything to build houses. Well, the truth is you could try, you could try, but you couldn't really stop it from happening. But we should make the effort, right. Like have a march with signs and posters. We could protest, protest for the resources, the few resources that we still have left. Because the truth isthat even the active farms today don't even have trees on them. They are really... 'bald' as we say. It's the same with coffee. Coffee growing has really fallen in the last few years too. Well, now people prefer to work in the factories. There is a new industrial zone that is absorbing all the people from the communities. There are very few who work in the agricultural sector or growing coffee.

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Posted by: lraftree on May 14, 2008

Youth video project from El Salvador

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