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Permaculture - Farms for the Future / Permacultura - Agricultura do Futuro

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I always think ... is the most beautiful place on Earth. And to me, this is a very special farm because is where I grew up. And is the only place I ever really called home. My name is Rebecca Hosking. And I from a long line of farms. But it was the wild life here more than farming that really fascinated me as a child. And this let me into a career of a wildlife filmmaker. But now I'm back here to be a farmer in very interesting times. An approaching energy crises, we'll likely force a revolution in farming, and change the British countryside forever. It will affect what we eat, where it comes from and even the alarming question of whether there will be enough food to keep us fat. If our farms survive, it will have to change. In this film, I'm gonna find out how to make my family farm into heaven. A farm that's fit for the future. A Farm For The Future And than when people find out that I was brought up on a small south devon farm, they always thinking that I must have had the most amazing childhood ever. When I think back to when I was brought up here, I just think of a load of a bloody hard work really. We were just small time farmers. And with that, is envolve not much money and a lot of hard work to the point that it's almost drudgery. Dad often describes farmers as glorified lover tree intendents. In my family, like many farming families, I think happen down on country, wanted something better for their children and I was actively encouraged to get out of farming, go and find a job, go and make a decent living. So that's what I did. And while I was away pursuing my career, my Dad ... carried on as ever, farming in a pretty traditional way. But now, it's time for me to come back.

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Posted by: zeitgeistportugal on Apr 12, 2010

More than 96 per cent of all the food grown in Britain is reliant on synthetic fertiliser. Without it there would be serious trouble.

But without artificial fertiliser there's not enough nutrients for the crops to grow, and without ploughing there is nothing to aerate the soil. So how can we manage without them?

The answers are in nature. As Charles Darwin pointed out, earthworms have been ploughing and aerating the soil for millions of years. And as for fertilisers, just look at how a forest flourishes: by using the natural fertility created by billions of living microbes, fungi, plants and animals.

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