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Fear Bluff of the Mind ~ Mooji

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I feel a block (...) its like a pressure on my face I guess, to a certain point, then I think I've identified with it, I`m not shure But I can't get passed through it A block come, one of the things that happens when you are using mind sometimes it goes into like seizure pulls the curtains down if i'm trying to look outside of something, and you pull the curtains, I can't see then I've to ask you, I can't see anymore what is there but yourself is not over there, behind the curtain yourself is the one who is seeing so if you want to see something else, then you'll have to pull the curtain but if want to know the self, the curtain is irrelevant. The mind is trying to fix you to see objects it will even create an object out of silence or space or the self or enlightment. It will put (ohh!) something and you're looking and using imagination but the self is imageless. It is imageless. So therefore, when a blank comes I say don't panic You are that which is observing the blank Don't think that the blank is blocking something that is value The blank is just a kind of bluff is just a bluff from the mind itself. You understand what bluff is? is just a trick but that's just an effect also, a blank is just an effect then the mind is going "-ok, no you'll have to wait, until I'm ready to show you." but then you'll see: "-but this is just an effect, I am the one seeing." it is so obvious, we are missing the obvious you are the seer the question -can the seer been seen? Then the mind will show you objects: "-look, the seer." -no, no, is not this. "What about this?" -no, is not that. "what about BLANK!?" no, is not that. so, is not going to be anything that can be discerned. is not a feeling, is not a beautiful image is not anything that you can see or seen before. you have never seen the self, not phenomenally You ARE the Self. I gave the example, like a knife can cut so many things but it cannot cut itself. because it is one, unity, one whole or the eyes can see so many things but it can't see themselve. they can't do it because it is one thing or a scale that can weigh so many objects, but it cannot weigh itself. You are the self. You cannot see yourself. You can only see from yourself it was Saint Francis I think he saids: "What you are looking for is already where you are looking from" We are that but out of training with the mind is always trained (?) instrument for tasting, variety and interpretation and so on so we are triyng to use the mind, wich need something to look at, something to compare, to find that which has no form, has no weight, has no texture that wich perceives even perceiving, sees even seeing but itself cannot be seen because it is beyond all forms, all names, all quality. But because we believe in our psyche, that we are person, that we are thing, that we are object although intellectually, mentally we are saying: "-I know, I am the Absolute." But it has no power. because your body language give you a way that you think you're an object. Someone steps on your foot: "-Hey, you steped on me!" is not you, is on your foot. like this And so, this is what I say, something is hidden behind the intellect. Intellect is not enough it was never enough. This is why we say: "-I understanded it." Intellectually? It means: I don't understand it! I don't really understanded it. No, it's not my experience, is just.. I learnt this. This what I say. So, nothing is wrong with you Just we are paying attention to an effect that is in the mind because we give the mind a lot of authority a lot of importance. and so, it appears as the mind will one day cooperate but no, it will not! The mind one day is gonna give you a holiday? "-Look, I've troubled you for so long... "I'll stay here, look off to the house, you go away and have a holliday." No! Is not going to happen. You want a holiday from the mind, you stay as yourself This is what happen. So, this thing I'm point out it is the recognition of the obvious. Blank means nothing. "No my mind is really angry!" -So what? So what? Let it be angry, what can you do? You can only do something if you keep on being mesmerized by it. Some people I see them like: "Don't upset my mind" "Don't upset my mind." Is like "If it wakes up..." What to do? The sensation is like, when I'm embracing awareness, the pressure keeps on kind of increasing, I guess, to a certain point where just a kind of uncomfortable it's just kind of distract me You can change resting IN awareness to resting AS awareness. Is different. If you're resting in awareness is like two things, like we are sitting in this room this room and us, two things when you're resting as awareness, you are awareness itself. And when you are awareness, the effects arising in consciousness, in mind, in body, are just apparent, they are playing even the effect of the body, just like some people, they can lose the hand but they will still eat with other hand. "-your hand is.." "-oh, don't worry about it.." And some people will call off the work sick for the whole day because they broke their fingernail or something this is the extent to wich you give importance to your body and when you are the self, somehow you are aware of the body of the mind, of the processes of feelings and all of that something alows them to dance, knowing you are not that it may not sound very good to your mind but in the experience of it, it's so beautiful, it's ok, you're peace it doesn't mean that somehow something is really... your leg is injured and bleeding and you don't pay attention no, you do give the attention as needed but no more than this, something is... you're not so pulled off center by these effects. So, at the moment, what is happening is that there's a relationship with the mind and is almost as (?) the mind now has become like a separate entity so that, it says: "-if you do that I'm gonna punish you!" "-oooh.. ok, I won't go there!" like this. so, what is like this, I say: "-oh no, let it do, let this body blow up. but I'm only stay here." Let it do whatever is going to do. I remember Maharshi when he is 16 years old, I think he was visiting his uncle's place and he have a panic attack and he felt: "I'm going to die" he was certain in his heart: I'm going to die and so he felt, ok, nobody was there to call and he felt "-ok, I'm going to just cooperate with this" and he lied down like a corpse and waited for death to come he said "-if is going to happen I don't want to miss it." surrended to the experience, and he could feel something moving like: "oh, here it comes" but, it never came what instead happened was that a powerful conviction became apparent that "but something here cannot die!" the body might go, but there's something that just anounced itself so powerfully that for the rest of his earthly existence he could never forget it. There's something here that is beyond the body's reach it is deathless. this is a mortal body but an immortal being moves in it. And this challenge of the human experience is to discover that I am that not believe on it but to know irrefutably: I Am That. Then all your sorrow is over all your depressions, fears, future, time, religions, all of this, will not command your being. It will dance as the effects of counsciousness in its dance of existence, this is fine. So, if this things happen, you feel effects going in the body let them happen. Say: "-show your best punch!" show your best punch because in my own case some fears come and fears that you will not imagine also didn't have anything to do I had one fear also, when it was came-coming time to look at something is coming up and I said: -Yes, I surrender to this. and this feeling was comming that I was going to be a hunchback "Quasimodo" There's nothing in my culture about Quasimodo but somehow I could see my self (...) all this ideas, all this fears come people starts to develop very strange fears it's all the game of the mind just you say yes, like I did yes, go ahead "-yes" very great say yes and that was it ok, do it, throw your best punch But I'll not live blackmailed by this delusion I don't care if my life doesn't go one more day but not to live under the tirany of mind, no that was the conviction. then I call you to that much courage in yourself Because all the beings in the world, somehow are under the influence of this conditioning, this fear this fear, and this compromise you can say yes. In a minute. Even one man, he came to Christ and ask him: "-My child is dying, please if you can do something, please help me." And the Lord saids: "-IF? All things are possible for the one who belives." then this man said: "-Lord, I do believe. Help me to overcome my disbelief." What humility. But you first make your stand. You say yes, like this. Because if you are going to fight the mind, you will not win. Don't get into a street fight with your mind, you will not win. Overcome it. With the same way I've pointed you you are the witness of it. Is like it doesn't want you to know that because there lies your power that you are the witness of this mind and the more you come into the recognition I am observing that, it is what comes and goes, not me. I watch its effect coming and going the mind cannot come and stay mind cannot come and stay, the only way mind can come and sort of stay is to embed itself in your memory but in its actual effect it comes and then it goes but it gets perpetuated through memory then you think: -it give me some extra (?) life... you are important, then you log it inside. This is how this is happening and I want to open this pages in the sunlight so you know and see, and acknowledge that somehow we as consciousness, we are cooperating with this delusion, somehow you have so much power, all the power is with you but we handed to the mind wich tyrannise your spirit keeps you feeling divided because this is how it rules it is the supreme politician. Divide and rule, this is what it is, divide and rule so you remain the undivided seer you are the one who is aware of all of this thing I think that is a lot of fear, because last year, about ten months ago I read some books in spirituality and, a kind at all, like a fancy and I freaked out, and was literally kind of losing my mind and it kind of, almost scramble back, I felt like, I don't know, it's almost (...)the job or kind of ruin the show, and so I feel like is kind of difficult to get over this It is important, really, this why it was important in the past, people would go and would spend time in the olden days, you spend 20 years in the presence of a Master, to slowly imbibe the ways, to listen to the teachings and to bring it internally, and to be watched over and checked in within, to make shure that your aknowledge is not just some kind of arrogance, to squeeze that all to make shure that you completed your seeing These days nobody has this time for this things A more direct way is pointed, but is important to have a kind of support also this what we try also to do when we have a retreat to give you a space and an environment to encourage you that other beings are also on the same journey of looking into truth, and that they are your family ently. And in the Sangha two 'sanghas' support each other When you see someone is crashing a little bit down and you can say: "-Look, c'mon, what you're doing? Don't you remember that this is just... something, and you can brighten up again." So it is important, and if you don't have this supports sometimes, then the mind isolates you, then is like this you can feel like that. A little bit like this. It still somehow belongs to your past, somehow for that time. I'm here to tell you there is nothing to be afraid. Not now. You see? You cannot force it. But something genuine inside you then does an impulse from the universe, from you own Sat Guru wich is inside your heart. You're not gonna be alone as a person you may find that you're alone as everything. An this is different. You cannot be the mind by be in the mind, but being the person, you see? You're defeated by realizing: I am Consciousness. Then the same mind will joint force with you and be a wonderful servant. This what you are speaking now is really the reason why so many people over the ages come to this point, the turn back because they have a memory that somehow this happened to me before and they went to a season of complete craziness. And some people have different complexes, the ego comes up, they start to believe they are here to save the world and they are commanding, even the angelic forces and all type of stuff we've a plenty of them in (?) this type of messiah complex or whatever and the ego goes into this big campaign (?) just watch it, just keep it quiet no one knows the power of the innocense of one's own Buda Nature your Christ Consciousness, you Shiva Being, same thing it's an innocense is not to rule, it's an innocense and this innocense has tremendous power it is the greatest miracle that the human being, borned with so much challenges can rise like the Lotus' Flower, isn't it? it goes in the pond, in the (?)pond, but it remains all its life untouched You know about this Lotus? They say, even if the rain falls heavylly and waters rise, the Lotus will still be always above the water and this is the nature of the spirit. If I don't talk to you about this things, then you are going to find out about it by another way maybe by surprise. I don't want to give you just some flowery feelings but to show you what you will feel up against for a while so that your realization is permanent and true not fickle. So everything that happens to you, buried in mind, it happened before to others beings over the centuries and they've transcended it, and if even one has done it, shows that all can do it. Not all can do it at the same time there are some beings who cannot be here even if you pay their fears and put them here in the best hotel and bring them inside, they can't stay, they run out screaming! because, as yet, their minds are not in affinity with this, not ready and we must respect that, now is your turn your sister, your brother, your mother is not here You are here, make use of this time. In my view, I don't see a higher purpose for the human instrument than to recognize this great understanding this great understanding of who we are, I don't see anything. Myself, I cannot say that I lived a boring life but nothing can compare to have in come to that recognition of the truth we are. Out of that truth, that love, wich I found, somehow the energy is come to continuously put in front of you reminding you: -look, look, don't keep going there, look here, spend a moment here, give full attention to yourself just for this moment. Otherwise, you back down, and you settle for a compromise and you will continue to evolve, you know, slow way you find another way that is more slow, more gentle that doesn't track your ego find a way that doesn't track your ego... is this what you want? Yours is a mighty being mighty being It is behind this entire universe what we are is not different from that wich gives life and expression to this entire universe. Our expression as an existence came out of that and that is this here not this, this. Mind can only offer you a version, a portrait, (?) of this but a portrait is not you. I think I'm still attached to a lot of ideas or images I have myself, there a kind upon a loop with the fear, or kind connected to it. You can begin by looking, you know, who is so afraid and this is not a cinical question, like "Who is afraid?!", no, not a bustle question but really go to the heart to see who is the one who is afraid if it can be identified and you will come to some discovery you'll see that is mostly from the mind itself. then if it doesn't feel enought, even knowing it is the mind you have to keep on checking in check out so many things we are holding on to, wich are not true they're not in service to your truth in fact, they're opposite they pull you down even. You can observe from the place of awareness this is what I come to show you also back on is told you the same thing my Master so told me this same thing pointed the touch: "-Some will get it, some will not get it." Simple, simple... but the mind is building something else building something else... for what? I don't know what to say about that. Go and reflect on what we spoken about Look, look with it with the short time we have now, look, look at it everything is in front of you, everything is avaiable go and take a look quietly.

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Satsang with Mooji

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