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♪ music playing ♪ >>Rocio: Welcome to the 7x7 Tipping Experience. We believe that giving great customer service to your riders is the first step to getting a five-star rating by going above and beyond expectations is what gets you that tip. Some riders always tip which is great, and you might not be able to do anything about the riders who never tip, so let's not worry about them. But what can you do to get more tips from the people who sometimes tip or maybe even a larger tip from those who tip every single time? The best thing to do is consider the choices you make and how they affect your riders. The choices you make may seem insignificant sometimes, but they add up to become the riders experience. We're here to give you proven tools and techniques that have a huge impact on the rider's experience. It's simple, if you make great choices, you'll get great tips. We know these methods work because we're drivers too. We here at 7x7 have been rideshare drivers since 2011. In this course, you'll get some of our best techniques and guidelines for making great choices. Your subscription to the Tipping Experience course is valid for seven days, and above each video, the site will tell you when your course expires. Now just a moment for the legalities. All of the materials of the course including these videos are copyrighted. Unauthorized recording or distribution is strictly prohibited. There are legal penalties for copyright infringement. Okay, now with that out of the way, if you watch this course and decide you want more information on being a professional rideshare driver, we have an individual course going into the nitty gritty of really delivering excellent service. Let's get started with tipping. ♪ music playing ♪

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