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PowerEdge M630 Blade Server

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In today’s datacenters, IT managers face ever increasing demands for performance within existing space and energy budgets. With the Dell PowerEdge M630 blade server, companies can quickly deploy systems that can meet the demands of even the toughest workloads with the reliability and efficiency of converged infrastructures. This compact half height blade server is an excellent platform for key workloads including virtualization, database, private cloud, or even IT as a Service deployments. The PowerEdge M630 which leverages Dell’s M1000e Blade chassis, delivers 24 DDR4 DIMM slots that can deploy up to 1.5 TB of memory. It supports two powerful, Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, with up to 18 cores each, or almost 58 processing cores per U of rack space, helping to further consolidate your expanding workload demands into your existing space. Three redundant IO fabrics supporting 10GbE, Infniband, Fibre-channel, and Converged Networking maximize communications bandwidth. And because the M1000e features embedded switches, IO aggregators or passthroughs, this bandwidth is optimized between servers and Top-of-Rack or core datacenter switches, saving space, reducing your deployment time and eliminating costly cabling. The dense computational and communications capacity of the M630 allows you to deliver results for your business faster. The M630 is equipped with an array of storage options, that enhance data protection and optimize performance from a choice of SAS/SATA and SSD drives, even Express Flash PCIe SSDs with multiple storage controller and RAID options, ranging from diskless to 4 drive configurations, you can configure server storage tailored for your specific workload requirements. The M630 can also feature fail-safe, redundant embedded hypervisors and Fault Resilient memory mirroring for virtualization. Managing the M630 is efficient and intuitive when using Dell’s OpenManage systems management solutions, which feature embedded, agent-free management with the latest iDRAC8 for direct one-to-one server management, and the embedded Chassis Management Controller for the M1000e for comprehensive one-to-many management. Whatever your choice of management style, OpenManage solutions simplify systems management throughout the server life cycle, from rapid, confident deployment to easier on-going administration. Thanks to the iDRAC8, the M630 delivers enhanced remote management, even from your smartphone. The M630 leverages the latest generation of Intel Node Manager, And the M630 utilizes the award winning M1000e chassis for granular control of power consumption to optimize your datacenter energy usage. The M1000e chassis, uses 6 fully redundant, platinum-rated power supplies and 9 ultra-efficient fans, which have combined to produce multiple generations of the industry’s leading blade server power efficiency. The ultra-efficient PowerEdge M630 combines up to 36 cores of Intel Xeon processing power, 24 DIMMs, 4 high speed local storage devices and 8 ports of 10GbE throughput into a dense, easy to manage platform ideal for datacenter workloads. Put it to work in your Datacenter today, choose Dell.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Aug 8, 2014

PowerEdge M630 Blade Server

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