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Making a Movie in Ethiopia

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Team: Girl Rising
Duration: 20 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Producer: Martha Adams, Tom Yellin, Richard Robbins
Director: Richard E. Robbins
Views: 51
Posted by: girlrising on Feb 6, 2014

Traffic jams in rural Ethiopia are a bit different than the urban congestion we're used to. We came across this pile-up on the road to Bahir Dar from Yilmana Densa. These herders literally walk the cows all night long, about once a week, to get them to Bahir Dar for slaughter. We had seen them the night before walking the cows and, when we were on the road the next morning, they were still walking them. Imagine herding cows all night long, with no lights, and trucks coming barreling down the road.

These are the things you run into (hopefully not in the literal sense!) while producing in every corner of the world for a global film about girls' education. Follow our journey at

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