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Week 47 English

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- Hey y'all, it's me, Cheryl, and welcome to week four of November! So what do you have going on this week for your host and for your customers at your parties? Well don't forget, y'all, you still have your amazing mid-November brochure, and it is packed full of some amazing offers, including our stuffable bowls, And on your tear-off, y'all, if your customers are looking for that perfect holiday gift, our canister set is a perfect holiday gift. So don't forget y'all, they can purchase a set of four or they can put it all together and get all five canisters. We also have the very last week, y'all, of your holiday gift guide sets. And you know what, y'all, the great thing about this is when they're purchased individually, they're saving a little bit of money, but when they purchase the entire set, they're saving 75%. How amazing is that? Very last week for this, y'all. And we also have your amazing hostess specials, they do continue. And guess what, y'all, we also have flash sales just for you. And we're going to have them available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Check out your My Week for all of the details. So now know what's going on for your customers, and for your hosts, but what do we have going on for all of y'all this week? Okay y'all, so what do we have for you? Well starting off, I love this, y'all, because everybody plays! When you submit $200 in the US, $225 in Canada, you're going to have the opportunity to add an exclusive silicone baking form to your collection. How awesome is this, y'all? You're going to want to have it! But know what, y'all, when you take your sales and you double them to $400 in the US and $450 in Canada, you're going to be able to add another exclusive silicone baking form. I love this one too, y'all. You know what, later on we'll tell you how you can use this. But give you a hint, Easter eggs! Easter eggs! Little Easter cakes, you're going to want to have it, y'all! Check out your Party Perks for all the details. And we also have some pretty exciting news for all of our established consultants in hire. If you went to Fall Fest, you saw the brand-new 500, 600 new hostess special that's going to be in your brand-new catalog starting in January. And don't forget y'all, you have the opportunity to earn it this month, established consultants in hire, when you submit just four standard parties, both in the US and Canada. Make sure you're checking out your Party Perks for all of the details. And guess what y'all?> We also have daily offers! And they start on Sunday and they go til Wednesday. Once again, check out your Party Perks for all the details. And before I say goodbye, I do want to wish all of our US sales force a very, very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. We are thankful for each and everyone one of you in the US, and we're thankful for each and every one of you in Canada, too. Have a great week y'all. Bye!

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Week 47 English

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