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Still to come on the program tonight, a master-class from Luton town as they thrash Cambridge United. Then there's Clarke Gable and... Clarke Gable. A new feature film in Suffolk, from the Hollywood superstars' grandson. Well next tonight, a special report from the Mediterranean with a man from Norfolk who's in charge of a rescue boat, helping migrants off the coast of Libya. That man is Paul Chamberlain and in recent months we've reported how he's pulled thousands of migrants to safety from a flimsy boat in the middle of the Mediterranean. Now reporter Debbie Tubby and camera man, Shaun Whitmore have joined him for another expedition, this time for a German charity, on-board a boat called 'mission lifeltime' This exclusive report starts in the port of Valetta in Malta, as the crew prepare to set sail. This is 'Lifeline' Its a former Scottish fishing vessel and its been converted so it can rescue migrants. It's not very big, it's only eight metres by thirty two metres. But it can fit up to three hundred people on board. On it's bridge is the captain, the first officer and also Paul Chamberlian Who's head of this mission. This is described by some as a mass grave, Already this year 3,000 people have lost their lives. They've drowned attempting the treacherous crossing, Between Libya and Europe. "Check him!" "(Inaudible) my friend, you're okay?" Paul is the only Brit on board. Heading up a strong crew of 17 Spanish, German... and Swiss volunteers. Most of these are fire-fighters at home, used to dealing... with life and death situations. To prepare themselves, A training exercise off the Maltese capital, Valetta. Some play the rescuers, the others, the role of the migrants. "We're trying to simulate, in a very small way... bringing the rescue boat alongside... a boat full of migrants, with the crew. It's quite difficult to simulate this stuff, quite often... you know we're in a sheltered harbour... but there is quite a serious message to it... so these guys are trying to take control of the situation." This is not the civilised holiday destination we envisage, the sea is choppy... the weather at this time of year, unpredictable and there are even hail-stones. so by the time a migrant would be in the water like this, they've probably been on an inflatable for several hours They'll be exhausted and many can't swim. So they have to be rescued quickly. Otherwise it'd a matter between life and death. "The aim is to... we're going to sail safely... we're going to have a safe trip... And, in ten days time, two weeks time... The crew, we're all going to come back safe and sound... Back to Malta. if we get some rescues on the way... We get some rescues on the way but... its a completely unknown quantity we're not sure what we're going to face." Paul and his crew are now waiting for a small window in the weather Eager, for the real life-saving work, to get underway. Debbie Tubby, BBC Look East... In Malta. And tomorrow, 'mission lifeline' sets sail from Malta Bound for Tunisia... And then for the coast of Libya where, despite the weather, migrants are still risking their lives to make it to Europe.

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