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Nicky, thank you for coming in this morning. You have been at HTB, at Holy Trinity Brompton, for ever, as far as I can remember, 30 years? 30 years, at least that – More? And through Alpha – I think something like 25 million people around the world have done Alpha, something round that number? Lots of people Lots of people. And millions have come to know Jesus. And that sprang out of the ministry at HTB, it's an extraordinary gift to the global church. My question is a very simple one. When we pray, Thy Kingdom Come, what do you think's happening? What's going to happen? What's in your heart? Well first of all prayer works, so it's good to pray. The second thing is, the Kingdom of God is God's rule and reign in people's lives as you know. And that's what we're praying. So for me I wasn't a Christian, I encountered Jesus. That brought God's rule and kingdom into my life. So what we're praying is that more people will encounter Jesus. Like mine, their lives will be changed. That churches will be revitalised and that society will be transformed. Because those together, the evangelisation of a country, a nation, or the nations the revitalisation of the church and the transformation of society is all about God's Kingdom coming. So when you're visiting a church, which you do a huge amount, I think, you know you've been visiting a number of churches where you've done church plants when you do that, what do you look for as signs of the presence of the Kingdom? I think – last weekend we were at one of our church plants and we walked in to an amazing atmosphere of worship. People worshipping Jesus. You see the church packed with young people who've recently encountered Jesus. Then people stand up and tell their story – how six months ago they weren't followers of Jesus. In this particular church they've done an Alpha course, they'd encountered Jesus, their life was changed; it was having an effect on their job, they were working in a school, it was having an effect on the community. It changes people's hearts, people then come to care about the poor, they care about issues of justice, and a community is transformed. I mean last week I was meeting some folk on the other side of the world, and they were talking about the fact that in their area two-thirds of women have suffered physical or sexual violence Of all women. It's not a conflict zone, either. Now if we're praying, Thy Kingdom Come there, if a woman there in that area is praying Thy Kingdom Come, what should she be expecting? How does this bring hope to people in that kind of place? I think the Kingdom comes when Jesus the king comes into a person's life. It should transform their attitude towards other people. And it should – the Holy Spirit softens our hearts, changes us and makes us more like Jesus. And of course that will mean respect for people. And the abuse of women and children – these are abhorrent to God and to the Kingdom of God. And so that's how societies change, when people experience the love of God being poured into their hearts by the Holy Spirit, and a desire to love people. These kinds of abuses are the opposite of love. And when Jesus comes he brings God's love into our hearts. He brings a love for people and a desire to see justice done. I mean, this is so exciting, because what that is saying to me is, in praying Thy Kingdom Come it's about people meeting Jesus about them being filled with the Holy Spirit of God, but then as you've been saying it's something that then spreads out into the whole way in which people relate to each other, the way society relates to the poor, to those in need in which rulers relate to corruption and to other things – it's the most dramatically transformative prayer. Yeah, it's about the transformation of society, not just the transformation of individual lives, important though that is but the transformation of society. Nicky, thank you very much.

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