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C4L6 Stability On Overheads

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Alright lets get into the overheads here left hand opposite of the hitting hand. Here's my boy Stevie, Stevie Johnson going back for a overhead, see there he shades his eyes for starters with that left hand. Always a good thing to remember you can do. Now he starts to get set for his overhead, baseline overhead you will notice how the left hand really helps set the racket, see this a lot of players will keep that hand on the racket but he keeps both on the same direction. That left hand sets up the shot while the two hands triangulate the 45. Then when he makes contact see he crushes in that left hand keeping his body facing even though a lot of things are happening, his body is still generally facing the 45 degree angle. When he makes contact, so you don't want to open up. Thats the key what the left hand does. Here is Rayonich on a warm up court. You can the same thing, both hands come up, he sets his racket on the hit right there at the 45 degree angle. Now his hips come in and out of the shot and as they come around he doesn't want to open up here, so that left hand really almost acts uncomfortably. He is pulling it in so he can keep facing the 45. Look at his body still poised at the 45 degree angle. Allowing his racket to finish because he has kept his body facing the same direction. So that left hand is really important, first acts as as a way to find the ball with both hands and the entire body lining up correctly at the 45 and then it keeps the body at the 45 by retracting like a birds wing. It just comes from pointing up at the ball here, as you will see it comes from that position and it retracts right into his and once again in a very round way. You don't want to just pull the hand down quickly its almost like you are using your hand to pull up a rope. You pull yourself up and into the hit. So think of it that way on overheads and serves. As if you are taking that left hand and pulling yourself up. Here is Ryan Harrison, same thing, he does it a little differently. That left hand finds the 45, he locates the hit with that hand and then he pulls it straight in so when he finishes contact you can see he is still facing the 45 degree angle. Throughout the contact.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 8, 2014

The role of the non-dominant hand on the overhead.

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