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Once we were taking a walk. So because I always had a frustrated and irritable kind of mood on account of so many obstacles being put up by German authorities, I said to Prabhupada, “You know, Prabhupada, sometimes I think I would rather be engaged like a ksatriya in killing people than preaching.” Prabhupada stopped and looked at me and he said, “Never do anything in anger, and don’t touch politics.” Sometimes Prabhupada would refer to the history that Parasuram, he drove out the ksatriyas and that they settled in this part of the world, especially Germany. He remarked that the Germans are the most intelligent people on the planet and that their Sanskrit scholars actually are better than Indian Sanskrit scholars, and he pointed out that the philology of German is identical or almost the same as Sanskrit. One thing he used to say, even after he visited Germany, whenever he would see Himavati or myself he would say, “What is that? Trinken und rauchen. What is that?” I would say, “Prabhupada, it’s drinking and smoking.” “Yes, yes, I saw everywhere trinken und rauchen.” He noticed that early in the morning they had beer vending machines and that people were drinking beer in the morning. One day he said, “Yes, I saw in Germany the man urinating on the street.” He said, “How degrading. What is this civilization? The man is urinating on the street.” So some devotee commented, “But Prabhupada, in India they pass urine and stool in the street,” and he said, “That’s different, that’s different.” So this is Srila Prabhupada’s visit to Melbourne in 1974 when he came out specifically for the Rathayatra Festival. I had an arrangement with the Immigration Department that we could bring Srila Prabhupada through as a VIP so he wouldn’t have to go through the normal immigration procedures. So that was all right, but I had to actually stay with his luggage so that they could check the luggage out. So Srila Prabhupada went through, met with the devotees, and they kept Satsvarupa Maharaj and myself behind and we had to stay there with the luggage while it was being checked. By the time we came out, the devotees and Prabhupada had all left; and Satsvarupa Maharaj and myself, we were stuck at the airport with the luggage and all the devotees were gone. But there was one devotee who had not left, and fortunately we caught his attention and we put all of Prabhupada’s luggage in his van and Satsvarupa Maharaj and myself, we had to actually sit on the luggage in the back of the van to go to Melbourne temple. So at the airport, Srila Prabhupada had a television interview. Two or three television channels came, and some newspaper reporters came. Actually most of his visits to Australia we got a lot of press coverage, and that’s why Srila Prabhupada liked coming. We had very good newspaper articles, a big feature article on the second page of The Melbourne Age, and quite a few other articles and good television coverage. So at this television coverage, there were two or three television stations there – there’s only four stations in Australia anyway – and that evening we told Srila Prabhupada we were expecting it to be on the news. So Ugrasrava, he brought in a television set into Srila Prabhupada’s room, and we were watching and we were watching and watching the news. And each time the feature would come on the news and it wasn’t Prabhupada, he’d look away and let the feature go. Then the next feature he’d look to see if it was him, and unfortunately he wasn’t on. Nothing appeared. But actually that evening on the ten o’clock news there was a good feature on Prabhupada on Channel O. So Ugrasrava, he caught that and we told Prabhupada the next day and he was very pleased. Prabhupada was very frank and strong with reporters. I think he enjoyed the exchange because sometimes reporters, they like to try to find some fault and Prabhupada would really be very strong with them. But the keynote that they picked up on unfortunately was not Prabhupada’s talk. The devotees had hired a Rolls Royce and as Prabhupada got into the Rolls Royce outside, then a parking warden came up and stuck a parking ticket on the window just to make a statement. So the headlines in the newspaper, of course, had little to do with what Prabhupada had said in the news conference, and they were all mainly about how either the devotees had lavished this Rolls Royce on someone who’s supposed to be an ascetic sadhu or the fact that we got this what we call a “bluey” in Australia or a parking ticket. A reporter from the newspaper Melbourne Age had come to visit Prabhupada, and Prabhupada took a lot of care with this fellow. He really explained everything in detail, and a lot of the questions and answers had to do with reincarnation. Prabhupada explained how you could become less than human in your next life and he explained it in great detail, took a lot of time with this man. I was eager to go out the next morning and get the newspaper, see what illuminating article would have been printed, and I was very crestfallen when I opened it up and saw the title, “Swami says he’ll be animal in his next life.” I was just shattered. I thought, “Prabhupada spent so much time with this guy.” It was with frustration and anger that I brought the paper to Prabhupada, and I thought I should preface my giving it to him with something to prepare him. I said, “Prabhupada, he didn’t understand or chose not to understand anything you told him. He just twisted your words.” He said, “What is the title?” I said, “Swami says he will be animal in next life.” “Does he mention Krishna?” I said, “Yeah.” “Is Krishna’s name in the article?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Count.” So I counted maybe seven times Krishna’s name and he said, “What is the circulation of that paper?” I said, “I don’t know – two, three hundred thousand.” “What is two or three hundred thousand times seven?” He said, “My spiritual master said any time people say Krishna’s name it is always a success.” So then he said, “This article is a great success.” I remember when Prabhupada arrived, then we would hire the Rolls Royce. And that was a cause of a lot of publicity actually, it made the evening newspaper. The headline was “His Divine Grace comes Rollsing in.” We put up all these posters. The poster read “His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada at whose feet all masters sit,” and then it had a nice picture of Prabhupada and then the program for the five days or so that he was going to be in Melbourne. And then there was an overpass on the freeway from the airport, and someone had plastered all posters right across the walkover so they were clearly visible about 20 feet up from the roadway. We were all following Prabhupada’s Rolls Royce, and I remember the Rolls Royce slowed down for Prabhupada to see. We had the side doors of the vans open and we had kirtan following Prabhupada all the way through the city and into the temple. This is Prabhupada at the small temple in Burnett Street in Saint Kilda. It actually was a terraced house, and the temple room was very, very small. Actually Lord Jagannatha, Subhadra and Balarama were on an altar directly above Radha-Vallabha’s head. Unfortunately, there were so many devotees, not everybody could fit into the room. He actually gave an initiation here, fire sacrifice. I remember the smoke was pouring out of the room and we were in the corridor, and you couldn’t even see the vyasasan from the doorway. Nevertheless, Prabhupada seemed very unfazed by the smoke. So everyone was gearing up for Prabhupada to come, installing the Deities. My brother was coming every day after work to build the altar. Of course, all the devotees were saying, “Prabhupada said this, Prabhupada said that, Prabhupada says, Prabhupada…” And I kept on thinking, “When I meet him, what if I’m disappointed and say what’s the big deal?” I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I reserved the right to make my own opinion. As usual, Prabhupada arrived when all the devotees had gone to the airport. We’d just finished cleaning and I was in the brahmacarini room, and I remember hearing, “Prabhupada’s here! Prabhupada’s here!” As I rushed out of the room at the top of the stairs to go down, just at that same instant Prabhupada was at the door to come in. I always get very choked up when I recall this because it was such a momentous moment. As soon as I saw Prabhupada, I knew without a doubt that Prabhupada was everything everyone said about Prabhupada. Anyway, so it was fabulous. Prabhupada to me looked effulgent, and he was glowing. And just to look at the physical form of Prabhupada, I had no doubt, no doubt whatsoever that Prabhupada was a pure devotee. The lecture in the Melbourne Town Hall, right opposite where our current Gopal’s Restaurant is today…there’s a Lower Melbourne Town Hall and there’s an Upper Melbourne Town Hall. The upper one is a gigantic cavernous concert hall with the organ. So we chose the Lower Town Hall so it wouldn’t look out of place if we only got a few hundred people because the large one holds thousands of people. We got quite a few hundred people along to attend Prabhupada’s 1974 Town Hall lecture, and it was quite a wonderful event. We see Srila Prabhupada wearing that gorgeous saffron silk outfit that he’s wearing there on that incredible saffron vyasasan that was built by Shyamananda das. It was made of saffron silk, and it was quite astonishing. It all came to pieces, and we were able to carry it to various venues. Some places we even had extra pieces attached that were on a motor and would spin around with little lights on them that would attract the spotlights, but that turned out to be rather of an over-endeavor. This movement, Krishna consciousness movement, is teaching the science of God. And if you accept the name of the God…name of God, Krishna, this is also affirmed in other system also, then you will be able to associate with God immediately. Srila Prabhupada stayed in our house in Brighton when our temple was in Saint Kilda. At that time, the quarters for Srila Prabhupada at the Saint Kilda temple weren’t so nice. So my husband and my family moved out of the house, Srila Prabhupada moved in. Prior to him moving in, the devotees adjusted the house. They covered all the wall-to-wall carpet with white sheeting. I would be at the house and Srila Prabhupada would be walking down the hallway and smiling and his gentleness in his eyes, and at times he thanked me for him staying in the house. I remember asking him if he wanted something to eat or what he would like, and he was always so polite and he would say, “Yes, thank you” or “No, thank you” or “Do not trouble yourself.” Actually, one time Prabhupada said, “Is there any service that you need?” And I didn’t know what to say to Srila Prabhupada when he asked me that so I said, “No, Srila Prabhupada, just being here in your presence is all the service that I need.” I didn’t ask any spiritual questions of Srila Prabhupada, I was always sort of speechless in his presence really. I think I was a little bit too shy to ask him anything. Here in this material world, the name and the substance different. Just like if I am thirsty, I want water, so the water must come to me. If I simply chant, “Water, water, water,” that will not be effective because it is relative world. But in the transcendental world, Krishna is the name of God and it is God also. So by chanting Hare Krishna, you are directly in contact with God. This is the meaning of Hare Krishna. Originally, my family lived in Melbourne. So I rang up my father and told him, “My spiritual master is coming to Melbourne on such-and-such a day and it would be really good if you could come and see him,” and he did. He came that day and saw Prabhupada. He came along there and merged with the crowd and listened to Prabhupada. Although he was a fairly serious Christian himself, he was very pleased to come along and he had nothing but words of praise for Prabhupada. He’d always supported me becoming a devotee, having years earlier dropped out of university and become a hippie hitchhiking around the country. And every time I’d come home I’d be onto some different kind of trip and I’d rap to him about it. But when I actually committed myself to fully participate and join the Hare Krishna movement, he was very happy and supportive of that. I found out some years after I’d been a devotee that he was involved in some inter-Pacific conference about religious toleration because I found a printout of the conference when I was a devotee in the temple. I didn’t even know about it when it was happening. But he got up in front of everyone and said, “My son has joined the Hare Krishna movement. It isn’t my beliefs, but still I fully support him to be involved in it and I think it’s a good thing.” My father was a schoolteacher. He was teaching in a grammar school, I think it was a Church of England school. But still, after the new temple was opened in Melbourne in Middle Park with the beautiful Radha-Vallabha and Gaura-Nitai and Jagannatha Deities, he organized an excursion from the school every year to come visit the temple, have darshan of the Deities and have prasadam; and he did that for many, many years.

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Fsp Dvd 6-105

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