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2891 YLH How to prevent a pressure ulcer when you have a cast

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It is very easy to get a pressure ulcer when you wear a cast, especially on your heel, elbow, wrist, ankle or knee. So it's important that you take some simple preventative steps to make sure that you don’t get a pressure ulcer. What can you do? Keep moving. It's important that you change position at least every two hours to avoid pressure on any one area of your limb. Reduce the pressure. If you have a leg cast, don’t rest your leg on your heel for long periods. When you are lying or sitting with your leg raised, place a pillow lengthways under the your calf, not under your heel. And when you are lying on your side, place a pillow between your knees to prevent the cast rubbing on the other leg, or between your arm and your chest if your arm is in a cast. Keep drinking. When you have a cast, it can be harder to get a glass of water. But you need to make sure that you drink your 2 litres of fluids of fluids every day. Keep your plaster dry. Don’t get your cast wet. If you are going to have a bath or shower, use a cast protector, but don’t leave it on afterwards as it may restrict your circulation and it can get damp inside the bag. You can buy cast protectors online and at pharmacies. Look out for problems. Contact the fracture clinic using the numbers provided at the end of the video: if the cast is rubbing or leaving red marks. if you have a persistent blister-like pain, tenderness or area of local heat if you have any discharge, wetness or smell under your cast or, if staining has developed on the outside of the cast.

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2891 YLH How to prevent a pressure ulcer when you have a cast

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