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Why the Infinity School of Tennis

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Everything you thought you knew about the game of tennis is about to change. . . . forever. There's a secret game, known only by today's top players, although unconsciously. We've decoded the mathematics behind this secret "non-linear" game. "You haven't heard it all, just yet." - Jack Broudy author of the Real Spin on Tennis There is a serious discord between what the top players are actually doing and what the teaching pros, magazines and commentators are seeing, saying and teaching and therein lies the problem. They are explaining to you what they observe and the effects without understanding the causes. I am hear to tell you in no uncertain terms that is not what you see but is what you don't see that really matters out there on the court. Form and technique are still what separates players of similar athletic abilities. So now everyone is talking about angular momentum on the forehand. That you simply line-up open stance and bend the outside knee, loading up and swiping across the ball with a windshield wiper. Well that maybe what it looks like at a glance, but there is a lot more going on. What they are not seeing is the progression of the stroke in its entirety that is the essence of the stroke. They don't see the very minute nuances emanating from the center of the body rippling out to the racket head. They are not seeing it because they are not looking for it. They are not looking for it because they don't know that there is an actual science that exits that directly relates to this non-linear motion. The tennis world would have you believe that player development is a matter of drills, fitness and route repetition in order to memorize a series of shots feed from a basket. I am sure many of you already know this doesn't always pan out, certainly not in the long run. Frankly it is mindless and takes too long. If you are three or four years old and have some time to burn go ahead. Rather than waste a lot of time memorizing shots we have taken a more educated approach to the game. Not only does it take less time to improve but ours in guaranteed. You don't get worse before you get better, learn rather than memorize. Our students all say its our method that makes the game more interesting, more satisfied and fun. Especially since its more fun to win! Remember one thing if you have a bad habit drilling will only further serve to ingrain that habit. We don't memorize the game we own it! We understand the relationship and connection between our hips, shoulders and arms and how it all ripples out to the racket head precisely at the optimal contact point. There is no trial and error, no guess work because our players improve immediately and continually. We have uncovered geometric formulas that fully explaining the curling of a wave, rippling of a wind blown flag and the cracking of a whip. Its that very same geometry that also fully explains the form of the best players in the game. Our elite group of players and coaches think and play like scientist's and we execute like artist's. You can always rely on our fundamentals because they are mathematical truths and not opinions. If you are willing to be open to a few new concepts and perceptions every stroke in the game will be readily obtainable. The goal is not only to enlighten players to a science but to also awaken within them a champions consciousness, so they will play in the zone the majority of the time. The common knowledge in todays tennis world is archaic, move your feet, load up, windshield wiper follow through, angular momentum, come on! These are all tips and basically cheerleading from the dark ages and will soon go the way of the VCR. Tips and cheerleading don't make players, talent is the main ingredient and we have a proven system to bring out all the potential talent of every student. I am here to completely re-tool players and coaches alike so they will play with real confidence because they know exactly how to execute when they need it the most. Better understanding and better coaching will be what reignites and improves American tennis at every level. There is a new user friendly operating system for the new non-linear game. Go now to the

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Apr 1, 2014

We are the state of the art in tennis education.

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