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Rearranging the Post Editor in WordPress

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Because people have different priorities for... what they want to see when they're editing posts and pages, the... WordPress posts and page editors can be dragged and dropped into pretty much any format that suits you. To move an element you just need to hover over it. Now, by clicking and holding down my mouse button I can drag the different boxes around When I drag the box over a position it could land in I'll see a dotted line appear If I'm happy with the positioning, I can let go of the mouse button. Otherwise I need to move it somewhere else. For the sake of keeping things tidy, you open or close any of the panes in the editing window using these arrows on the right hand side That gives you the option to see everything at once Or, tuck things away If you prefer to work with a single column, you can drag all of the panes into a vertical line, under your main post editor. Or, otherwise leave yourself with two columns The menu bar on the left also collapses to give you more space to work with, by clicking here When you roll over the icons, the options tucked under them will pop up for you to see. You can also drag the size of the main editing window to however big you like Finally, if you click up here on Screen Options you can turn off or on any of the optional windows If you never use custom fields, for instance, or the Post Author box just turn them off and buy yourself a bit less clutter and a bit more space. So that's the editor, which you can adapt to suit your writing style

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Mar 30, 2009

WordPress lets you customize the post editor to suit your style - this video shows you how

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