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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Manchester giving lecture on spirituality 3 of 7

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Thereafter if you give power to the soul, which will get out of this body and this will go straight in Jabroot (second realm), and in Jabroot, prayers are being offered. There Holy Prophet (PBUH) conducts prayers, and then it will go and offer prayers over there. At present it cannot go, but when it will be strengthened, then it will be able to go there. After this when you will make this (Latifa Sirri) powerful it will go in Lahoot (third realm). When you will make this (Ana) powerful which is in the forehead, it will reach where The Almighty Allah himself is present. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) reached there with the apparent body and the saints reach there with the help of these creatures. These things are present within you but you have never touched them at all. You have not touched them, and the thing you touch (body) it will not go in hereafter. Neither these bodies were there before (in primordial times) nor will they go in hereafter. Now if these bodies go in hereafter as well, the damsels (hoor) will not accept them. They will say “O God we waited for thousands of years that you will send the men for us, and you have sent us these black and white (black and yellowish)! What will we do of them?” Those bodies which will be made will be different. Neither they will be burnt up nor will they die. Neither they will become old nor will they get sick. Other bodies will be made; these (apparent) bodies will be left in the grave. You are concentrating upon them only (apparent bodies); those bodies will be given to your souls. Now this technique/formula is best for the sinners. How is it for the sinner? If somebody drinks alcohol, and eats illegally (Haram), for him this is best technique. Now what is the reason? It is mentioned in the prophetic tradition (Hadith) that when somebody commits a sin, it is written in the file by Kiraman Katibin (angles who write down our actions). When they write in the file then why a black dot is marked on the heart? It is something to think about, that why do they make blacken the heart? The reason is that if any saint or prophet wants to know about him, he may take the file and could know that what sort of character has he, and what did he do? And how was he? If Allah needed to know about him, he will not see the files, He will see his heart that how big a sinner is he. Now what did this sinner do, he learned a method to clean his heart. It’s in one of the prophetic tradition (Hadith) “there is a certain weapon to clean each and everything, cleanser of heart is chanting (dhikr) of Allah” He has learnt to chant the name of Allah by heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb). He kept on chanting the name of Allah and through its noor/light his heart become cleaned. He could not erase (what is written in) the file, since that is occupied by the angels. But his heart is under his jurisdiction and his heart shined out by chanting Allah-Allah. When you see, just as your eyes spot shining stars, likewise when Almighty Allah looks at He looks at shining hearts. Then He sees the shining hearts not the file. Once He saw a shining heart and became merciful upon it. At this point, a poet said: “Sinners reached at the doors of holy place, The Ascetic and piousness were shocked to see” He was a sinner in past, he cleaned his heart, when his heart shined out, The Almighty Allah showered His mercy upon him. When this chanting of Allah-Allah goes inside, the germ of the sins comes out. One day this chanting of Allah-Allah will purify & clean up the whole of the body and the dog which is inside one day this chanting of Allah-Allah makes it also a human (insan). If it does not become human, if he is disobedient then it will be finished/ceased. At this point human is actually true Human, at this point when he offers a prayer, it goes within him, and the prayer is established. At present you only offer prayers (with tongue). Again and again you offer prayers; while praying you are true believer (momin). After prayer/salat you start same ‘monkey business’ in worldly affairs as well as at night while sleeping. So who will call you true believer (momin) at this time? But when you become purified, the prayer will descend inside you, then you are true believer during prayer time, true believer while working, and true believer while sleeping as well. Now, how the prayer will descend within? When the Noor/light of Allah-Allah will come into the heart, a lot of light (noor) will be gathered in this chest. This is like a telephone between you and Allah. Any of the prophet or saint whoever spoke to Allah, he did so through heart. Everybody has got this telephone but it needs electricity. This telephone is useless (without electricity). This telephone (apparent) is kept like this, if you keep on dialing without electricity it is useless, this telephone needs electricity and this heart requires the noor/light. The waves of electricity from here reach to America and the waves of light from here reach into heavens (Arsh-e-Mo’alla). At this time if you will talk that will reach into heavens heavens and if you pray/salat that will also reach into heavens through this light. Now that (prayer having divine light) has gone to heavens but how this prayer will stay within you? When the light will come into this heart, then the light has a relation with light, then, when you will offer the prayers the light of prayers will also go in your heart, when you will recite the Quran, its light will also go within your, at that time the prayers will be established, now your prayer has established. At present you only offer your prayers, The Quran did not ask to offer; it asked to establish your prayers. It’s written everywhere to establish prayers. Those who wish to do this Dhikr, we tell the method and you can try your luck. If the chanting of Allah-Allah gets started inside, you may pray (dua) for us. You are not going to do so; the people/human locked inside you will surely give dua (pray). Dear! When the prisoners will be released, they will definitely pray. If it does not started after some days, at least you will get the some reward of chanting Allah-Allah. This is such kind of thing, believe me, this chanting of the name of Allah is such kind of medicine that if Qalb does not start (doing Dhikr itself) yet also it will have some effect for sure. There was a boy, he saw a girl in the town and started roaming around her. The girl was well-liked by Allah. She used to do Dhikr (chanting the name of Allah). She called him and asked why he was moving around her? He replied "for you". She said "I can’t be yours; you are just destroying your life. But there is one way that you sit in the mosque and start chanting Allah-Allah, and then I can tell at home that there is somebody a beloved of Allah. Then I may get permission to meet you”. She also told the method which she was taught. She said “I will be sending you the food”. He went and sat in a nearby mosque and started chanting Allah Hu. She kept on sending him food, after fifteen days she thought of going to see him so that she may know his condition. She went and called him, that boy looked up towards the girl and again started chanting Allah-Allah by looking downwards. The girl called him again, and he asked; “who are you?” she said: “I am the one who made you to sit here”. He said "now you go and let me chant Allah-Allah". Thus within whom Allah-Allah once comes, he gets rid of everything; he gets cured from all kind of diseases. Because this name “Allah” is dominated upon everything. Its method is that! You have to bring it within you and absorb it. Now you would have noticed that when you recite the name of Allah, when chant the name of Allah in any gathering, or when listen the things about Allah, you feel bliss. But you cannot sit in the gathering all the time. You cannot hear the things like that all the time. After this there is restlessness again. If the chanting of the name of Allah starts inside you for twenty four hours then you will be in bliss all the time. When you sit for an hour and chant Allah-Allah, so you enjoy a lot, and if this chanting starts for twenty four hours then….? This is external bliss, (just imagine) about inner bliss! There is method for it! The method to bring this (chanting of the name of Allah) within: first write on a piece of paper word 'Allah' for sixty six times. If you can spare time, write four or five or seven times in a day but whenever you write, make sure that you write it for sixty six times. This will become an activity. As ‘786’ is related to 'Bismillah', similarly ‘66’ is related to 'Allah'. A day will come that whatever you used to write on piece of a paper, will start floating in your eyes then he is called 'holder of visual' (Sahib-e-tasaweer). When it start floating in your eyes then stop writing on a paper from eyes with concentration transform it onto your heart. A day will come that what used to be written on the piece of paper, will be seen written on the heart. Holy Quran says “there are some people on whose hearts, Faith (Imaan) has been written”, whose name is greater than The 'Allah'? So the faith has come here (in the chest). When it is being seen here on the heart that time the heart beat (ticking) will become faster tik tik tik…... this is the beads of heart. Then synchronize Allah Hu with this tik tik, with one tik (beat) synchronize Allah and with the second beat (tik) synchronize Hu. This is not under your jurisdiction to synchronize; you can do the dhikr with your breath, you can also do dhikr by stroking, you can also do dhikr by holding your breath, you can also do hidden dhikr, you can do dhikr with your palate, but you can never do dhikr with your heart beat. You can do this experiment once you will go back you will never be able to do so. It can be done only when there would be will of God It (Dhikr-e-Qalb) is not possible without the wish of God. If the heart beat is synchronized with Allah-Allah, then it means God has accepted you. Now never retreat (give up), now even if you have to lose your life let it be. Now don’t leave Him, because He has accepted you. Life has to go anyways, if not today may be it will go after 20 years. Maybe that time you lose it in a useless way, but if you will lose it now (on this path) it will be included in martyr (Shaheed). Because the vehicle has turned towards Him, the vehicle has begun its journey. Now even if an accident happens then!

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi giving talk on spirituality in Manchester, UK.

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