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Annoying Orange: Wazzup Blowup

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-Yeah, that's right. I need you to prioritize the Johnson report and get Tyler on the phone pronto. No! This is an emergency; things are popping. [cell phone rings] Hey, I got another call comin' in. [beep] Y'ello? -Waaazzuuup? -Orange? -Wazzup? -Orange? Orange! -[laughs] -Buddy, I'm right here. Okay, champ, you gotta stop calling me. -What? I was just trying to butter you up. [laughs] -[fake laugh] Not funny. [cell phone rings] Okay, gotta take this. Hold on. [beep] You got the cob. -Wazzzup? -Knock it off! -[laughs] -Champ, look, I'm expecting a very important call. I'm the ear that everybody wants to talk to. [cell phone rings] Orange! -It's not me. -Oh, really? -It's not. -Fine. [groans] Hello? -Wazzuup? -Ah! -Stop! -Blehhh! -Stop it! [laughter] I told you guys, I'm waiting for an important call! -Hey, Colonel Cornface. -The name is Cob. -Hey, hey Colonel Cornface. -That's not my name! -Hey Colonel Cornface, hey! -What? -I'd salute you, but I don't have hands. [laughter] -That's not funny! That's just stupid! Why can't you just-- [cell phone rings] [groans] [beep] You got the Cob. -Wazzzuuup? -ah! -Ah! [Cob screams] [laughter and aww-ing] -Shut up! [laughter] What did I just tell you guys? -You said, "Give me a call. I'm all ears." [laughs] -I never said that. -I think you said you were tired of being the laughingstock. [laughs] -Hey, watch it, mini-munchkin man. -No, it's midget munchkin man. -No, it's just Little Apple. -Nobody cares. Just shut up. Man, you idiots are making my kernels itch. [cell phone rings] Okay okay, this could be it. None of you numskulls are calling me right now, are you? -Uh-uh. -Nope. -Not me. -Okay, 'cause if I pick up this phone and it's someone screaming, "Wazzup?" I'm bringing a world of pain on each and every one of you. All right. [beep] Y'ello. -Wazzup? -What's up? -Wazzup? -Ehh! -Ahh! [Cob screaming] [all yelling] -What's up? [all yelling incoherently] -[snores] [all screaming in terror] [boom!] [all yell] -Yay! It's raining scrumptious! -Wow, looks like Cob couldn't keep a pop secret. [laughter] -Yeah, I didn't know he was the father of a unicorn. -Huh? -What? -He was? -Duh, it's obvious. He's a pop-corn. [laughter] -Yay! I love unicorns! Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 3 minutes and 6 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Jan 30, 2011

Orange interrupts a VERY important phone call.

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