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lavar carro com um copo

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Today, I will make a very cool test cool here in the Manual do Mundo This week, we saw an company advertisement on the internet it says can wash a car with a glass of water That's what I'll try to do If I succeed, it's because you can also do at home The big secret is to use a spray

And I'll use two, the first to clean the bodywork of the car And in it I'll put an simples autmotive shampoo that you find in any automotive store, but it is a shampoo with wax

And he does not need to rinse, then I can apply in the car and not need to pass water, this will make me save a lot of water In the second spray I'll put our home-made clearer glass If you want to learn how to do, just click on the under link The first step is to dilute the automotive shampoo

Here is saying that goes 50 ml for each 1.5 liters I'll use a glass of 300 ml, then here i need ... 10 ml shampoo Now ... lets go wash ... I'll choose a little peace of car And I'll throw some shampoo with spray to loosen the dirt Then moisten the cloth and wipe over And with another clean cloth I'll shine We chose a place with enough shade That is for water not dry fast At glass I'll just use one cloth Finished, yet left enough a lot of wax And I have not spent even one-third of clean glass So this here is a car that was washed with less than a glass of water Ohhhhhhh As you can see, the car was almost exactly like a car that just came out of a car-whash I know a lot of people will ask me if this method of cleaning the car | not scratch the car?! Well, we paid close attention and not struck any point of the car But I think if the car is very dirty, with mud for example It is likely that struck! Now with the drought that we're, will be difficult to find mud out there to get in the car More videos that help you save and protect our beloved planet you find in the Manual do Mundo If you thought it would not work, but with the end result was very surprised Do not forget to take a like here in our video I'll leave other two tips videos when I teach save water at this side here, as .... Ih I forgot what I was going to talk ... How to save water in the bath, a very simple way But very efficient to save water at bath time. And on the other side, a way to you save two thousand liters of water per year With only one brazilian real

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Posted by: thiagomfernandes on Sep 18, 2014

Video do manual do mundo sobre como lavar um carro usando apenas um copo de agua

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