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Lean and Lean Six Sigma Programs at SDSU

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Hi, my name is Mike Osterling. I'm one of the instructors in the Lean Enterprise Certificate Program at SDSU's College of Extended Studies. I helped found the program about ten years ago. I worked in manufacturing for about 18 years in a variety of roles, been an independent consultant and I have applied these concepts of Lean both as an internal person, and externally in a variety of industries. What is Lean? Lean is business philosophy, a management system, and an operating system. Lean, all three of the aspects of Lean focus on customer defined value and the relentless elimination of waste. The program at SDSU is very much focused on application of the tools, principles of concepts by means or though execution of a project. Who should attend the Lean program or a Lean training like this? It's a hard one to answer because I want to say everybody within the organization. In reality, for this to be successful, the folks at the top of the organization have to understand the thought process, they've got to understand how the tools operate They've got to understand when they go out and they look at a work process are we applying the tools in the right method? On the other hand, the folks who are now doing a lot of the improvement activities, need to understand how to do those, how to use the tools, how to do the improvements. So, of course, those folks need to come to a program like this as well. The whole organization needs to be thinking in the same direction, on the same wavelength. At the end of the semester we have a competition where the class participants assess the effectiveness of the team projects. How well did they involve the employees, what kind of bottom line impact did the teams have. How well did they apply the tools that they learned during the program. So, projects is what this whole thing is about. We learn by doing.

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Are you interested in tangible results? Do you want to ensure your competitive edge in the market place? We will combine the best practices of Six Sigma and Lean by integrating the practical tools of Lean with the science of Six Sigma in our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program.

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