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David Spero - Exploration of Consciousness Part 2

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That experience can be just called a unified state of wholeness. Beyond that there is sahaja samadhi. Or as I like to call it amrita sahaja samadhi, which means the nectarous relaxation as pure consciousness. Not even as "in" pure consciousness but just as pure consciousness. Relaxation as consciousness itself with that sweet love quality intact. If you don't go though devotion and you get though sahaja, get though into the state of sahaja samadhi sometime through grace, it will be a dry state. It will be a dry sahaja samadhi it will be loveless. If you go though meditation and then devotion then unity, then you get into this nectarous this sweet, this inebriated sahaja samadhi. Where even the emotional nature has taken on this transmission. Beyond sahaja samadhi is very difficult to talk about. It has to do with the Divine Mother. It has to do with Devi. The consciousness of the feminine principal. In which everything is experienced in this womb like innocence, including ones own self. Just a vibrant womb of healing and spiritual transmission. So those are some of the states of consciousness that one will go though on the spiritual path. You may ask, "Well you don't say anything definite. What is the time frame in these different states of consciousness?". Well you can't answer that. You have to acknowledge factors such as what the nature of the birth was in a particular individuals case. How highly evolved they were born into. Which state they were born into. You have to analyse things like type of conditioning that existed in the situation that they were born in. How much pain they took on and how much they had to release in that lifetime. There are many factors that take us beyond logic and reason in this field. Each person has a great sense of uniqueness about them. You never know when your breakthrough is going to occur anyway. You may think you can analyse it and say, "Oh ya I was from a pretty bad household and there was alcoholism and there was this and there was that, and there was this form of abuse and therefore I'm taking on all this weight, all this burden, and of course my sadhana is going to take longer then the person next door. But you have no right to assume that. You can't assume anything except your own fervor of practice. That's enough. That's enough to wrap yourself in. Don't worry about how long it's going to take to become enlightened. It's not for you anyway. Enlightenment is not for an individual. It's not for the person or the persona, it's for consciousness itself. And when consciousness itself really becomes inebriated on the experience of awakening, it vanishes into thin air because it's not existent in the way that experience is existent or matter is existent. It's elusive, subtle, intangible. It's beyond the functioning of the intellect. And so each person has a great journey to travel. A journey which will not be replicated in anyone else. So when you become enlightened, it's not the Buddha becoming enlightened again. It's not Krishna remembering his divinity again. It's a whole new expression of that reality. You'll see, you'll have to go beyond all conditioning. Even the conditioning of spiritual traditions. Even the conditioning of your best friend that's awakened. You can't hold on to anything, you, with certainty. You can but it's illusory. When you fall in love and you love someone, you never think, "When am I going to get to the highest pinnacle of love?" Love is present at the very beginning. That's what brings you together. So in the same way sadhadna or spiritual practices are a form of lovemaking. You're making love to yourself. And when you make love to yourself you don't think, "When is it going to culminate?" You don't care. Your enjoying it. Your enraptured by what you're doing. Your enraptured by every moment that you're given. This goal seeking mind that wants to attain and hold on to even states of consciousness has to dissipate. It will be dissolved by the very spiritual practices you perform if you perform them in love and innocence. If you have a child like simplicity in your life, a child like attitude, which is full of spontaneous innocence, then you'll go a long way without even knowing you've gone anywhere. And the person who becomes the teacher is actually the best student. The person who teaches actually wants to be a student forever, if they are a real teacher. That when they have been given this job of teaching they feel like they have been cursed. You know when you get into this very high awakened state, the only thing you want to do is use the functioning of your intelligence to know everything in the Divine. There is an increased power of comprehension that accompanies awakening. It's like looking out of a magnifying glass all the time. Everything you look at becomes larger then life. It becomes 3D. It becomes expanded in your consciousness. So there is a great ecstasy, even about knowing simple things. If your enlightened biologist you start looking at molecules and you get blissed out into the field of jana yoga. You think I'm kidding. I can read a poem a hundred times and never get tired of it. It's very strange. The poem may only be ten lines. But I can read in so many ways. I can look at it from so many angles that it starts to become an inebriating experience and I'm not on any kind of drug, I can assure you. I'm not even drinking caffeine. You could say, "Well he had 12 cups of coffee in the morning and he's way out there". No. Maybe a few B vitamins or something.

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A talk by Spiritual Master/Avatar David Spero, whose teachings are inclusive of many spiritual approaches: Advaita Vedanta, Meditation, Kundalini Shakti, Divine Mother.

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