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How to Make a Fake Virus

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Hey Everyone, today I'm going to show you how to make a fake virus. So the First thing we're going to do here is... right click on our desktop. Go to new, shortcut. Now it's going to bring up a box like this. We're just going to type in this. win, space, shutdown, space, dash s, dash f, dash t, space, 60, dash c, space, start quotations, April Fools, end quotations. Then we are going to push the next button, and name this Cards. Push next, now we are going to choose the icon, then pick the cards icon. So now i have this shortcut on my desktop saying cards. Now what's going to happen is when I click on this, it's going to shutdown the computer. But I don't want to do that right now. So here's the cool way, this is the fun part. Just Right click on it and push Properties From General, I want you to name this File Internet Explorer. The Reason for this is to trick someone to click on this. But Instead it will shutdown the computer. Then Click on the Program Tab. Now you're going to push change icon. And you see you have your icons here again. Now you want to hit Browse... Then go to your C Drive, then click on 2f09c7c83e16e3151125bbd5383bcd2b7, then click on amd64. Then click on one of the files there. Then it should bring up more icons to choose from. Then go down to the end, and push the internet explorer icon. Then Push OK. Now it looks like internet explorer, instead it is going to shutdown the computer, In 60 seconds. And it will display a message saying april fools. If you'd like to change to seconds right click and go to properties. Go back to the program tab, and change the cmd line as shown. Instead of 60, change that to 30. Then push apply, and ok. Now your computer will shutdown in 30 seconds instead of 60 when you click on it.

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Posted by: lucaskaratekid on Mar 3, 2009

How to Make a Fake Virus

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