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Candidate Free Air Time 2008: Michael Ranzenhofer

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In New York, we face some incredible challenges. Our state is facing a multi-billion dollar deficit, a declining population, declining job base and declining opportunities for our young people. Why do we face these challenges? New York State tax is too much, it spends too much and it regulates too much. It's critical that we address these challenges now. We need to cut spending. We need to cut taxes. We need to stop state mandates that drive up the cost of local government. And we need to overturn the state regulations that are driving jobs and people out of our communities. As your next state Senator, I have a program to turn things around. First, I will fight to cap property taxes. A never ending spiral of increasing property taxes and making difficult for working families and senior citizens to keep their homes. To provide real relief to folks now. I also propose doubling the STAR property tax exemption. I also prose eliminating the mandates the state imposes on local governments and school districts that drive up their cost. Next, I support a constitutional amendment to cap over all spending in the state, to no more then the rate of inflation. This is the best way to stop career politicians in Albany from heeding the special interests called to spend. To get the state budget under control, I prose slashing state spending across the board by 15%. Finally, I propose an across the board income tax cut of 10%, using some of the savings from my proposed spending cuts. Our tax structure must become more competitive again. If we are ever going to break the cycle of job and population decline. The people of the 61st State Senate District have an important choice. You can choice a candidate who offers more of the same when it comes to what we are experiencing here in New York. Or, you can try the new approach that I represent. Your support will help me bring about the change this state so desperately needs.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 30, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is a WXXI Public Broadcasting Council Program. Michael Ranzenhofer is the Republican running in the 61st Senate District.

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