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ICANN Theatre: The Toronto Fellowship Experience | ICANN 45 | Toronto | 16 Dec 2012

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Okay. Everyone, good morning. We welcome this morning key individuals in our ICANN family and you all should know that this is a family in this room.

The Fellowship Program is an opportunity for those who are part of the Internet ecosystem and may or may not have known about ICANN, but need the funding in order to come and participate, learn how they can represent themselves, their region, their university, their place of employment, and bring their voice to the governments, bring their voice to the countries.

I know I don't need to introduce our new President and CEO of ICANN, Fadi Chehadé. Be comfortable in our living room and we would just love to hear some words from you this morning.

Good morning everyone. Bright and early they get you up here, huh?

I'm Narayan Gangalaramsamy, from the Mauritius Police Force. I'm a Law Enforcement Officer for 25 years now.

Narayan joined us in Prague as a first-time fellow and as the first-time law enforcement fellow representing the law enforcement field.

I had the Computer Forensic and Digital Investigation in the Mauritius Police.

We're here to serve you, and support you, and make you better. And I mean that, and you will see that in the way we work with you.

We also had the opportunity to have a fellow from Nepal. That is a first time we've had a fellow from Nepal. We're thrilled for that.

I am Bikram Shrestha. I am working in Bank of Kathmandu as a Card Center Head.

Bikram is one of the fellows that came a little cautiously into the program. I often have the fellows put their laptops down and put the ears out. It’s easy to look at your computer because that’s the safe place that you know. The harder part is to pass the language barriers, which Bikram came in here with, and listen.

I was wondering, do you feel that it is viable a treaty regarding technical aspects of cyber-security?

My name is Vanessa Cravo. I'm from Brazil and I work for the National Telecommunications Agency in Brazil, Anatel.

Vanessa came here through the strength of her application and that she is reaching into the business world in Latin America, which is where we want to go. Vanessa is a voice that we will be able to rely on to go back to Latin America and really share the word of the importance of bringing their voice to ICANN.

The biggest challenge for newcomers and ICANN is overcoming fear. And one thing that the Fellowship Program brings is a bonding, a family feeling, a comradery. The idea that you are not alone.

When I came to ICANN the first meeting I was a little bit nervous. And I don’t know what is ICANN and what is the objective of ICANN.

I studied a little bit about ICANN, I search in the web, I watched some webinars, but I really find is too much information, too many acronyms, so I hope to get of this meeting learning a little bit and understanding.

The Internet is growing faster than sometimes we can keep up with. So we need more people, people who have an agenda that’s larger than themselves.

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been able to grab what really these people are discussing about for the betterment of Internet.

We're looking to them for the answers. We're looking to them to bring the questions from their community to us. We need them more than they need us. And I think once they understand that, they feel like they do add value and therefore their voice gets louder in the best way.

Some immediately. The gentlemen to my side, you know? He was able to take his work in law enforcement and find a gap in our system. Never before has been someone for law enforcement. They were looking and looking, they couldn't find the prize. Well they found the prize right here in the fellowship.

I’m now a member of the SSAC, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. So I keep going on to these forums, try to understand what others are thinking of the security of Internet and see how we can better that.

So I think what I should do is go to our very well-spoke and beautiful mom, Vanessa.

Well, I had some expectations about coming here and I think I’m going to have to do a lot of research to see where I really can contribute and use my knowledge, my expertise.

In the beginning of the week I couldn't understand quite clear all the structures of ICANN and now I can understand a little bit of its mission, the acronyms and I finally know what they mean.

Being in the industry of Nepal, so I am planning to organize one of these programs in my place.

DNSSEC and IPv6 is very new to me. So it will help to implement new technologies in my local area.

It’s a really fantastic program that allows these individuals to grow. You can enter the program, spend a week and learn as much as you can. Our hope is that you will remain with ICANN and continue to work with us.

Cheese! Happy Fellowship!

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ICANN Theatre: The Toronto Fellowship Experience | ICANN 45 | Toronto | 16 Dec 2012

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