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rav berg acharei mot 1987 edited 2017

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In the weekly portion that was read on Shabbat we had the discussion of Yom Kippur in which the opening sentence which is in Leviticus, Chapter 16, where it says "And the Lord spoke unto Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron, when they drew near before the Lord and died". Nadav and Avihu, each of them took some incense, put fire therein brought it as a sacrifice and because of that they died. These two sons died. The Zohar, as well as the Midrash, and as well as the Talmud, all seems to concur that these two sons of Aaron were very high souls to the extent that they also could be compared to the level of consciousness of all Israel combined. As to why Nadav and Avihu, why these two sons of Aaron brought these sacrifices? The answer of the Ari is that because they were high souls we must treat them as high souls and and when we say high souls naturally we are discussing levels of consciousness, levels of understanding because what is the difference in stages of souls? one aspect the connection with a broader cosmos of intelligence a broader understanding, a deeper understanding and the higher the soul meaning the greater awareness that has been achieved by and individual is then considered to be one of a higher soul. And because these two sons were considered to be on a much higher level than all of Israel than of course the Ari, Rabbi Isaac Luria raises the question how really could they have committed such an act that brought the wrath of the Lord? He said that they did not sin from where they were coming from, they did not sin. "Every time that the righteous depart this world, there is likewise annulled from this world all the harsh decrees, and the death of the righteous brings forgiveness for the sins of the generation". (Zohar - Acharei Mot - Verse 9) They had made a particular tikun, they had made a correction according to the Ari. Now this is contrary to the obvious interpretation and translation of the Bible itself. Therefore, we come again to the conclusion as the Zohar states throughout the Zohar that it's only a fool that will take the literal translation as a meaning of what is written of that which is contained in the Torah. Chapter 17 of the Torah is read on Yom Kippur. The reason it's read on Yom Kippur again the Zohar tells us "when righteous people leave this world" and 'dinim' as you already are familiar with the word 'dinim' is a code word not only for judgment but it means if something of a negative nature if there has been negative activity prevailing within the cosmos immediately the world would suffer the consequences. We have seen catastrophic incidents, not only in our time but throughout history, and that is, according to the Zohar, the result of human activity, because it is only we humans that dictate 'dinim' it is only we humans that based on our activity whether it be positive activity or negative activity that is the way that the cosmos and the universe appears if it appears in a catastrophic state in a holocaustic state, that will be the result because everything, every action and every reaction depends purely and solely on man himself, on mankind. Therefore, 'dinim' at one time and cosmos won the Creator thought that the world should be created, the universe should be created with {...hebrew...}, meaning action and reaction but immediate reaction and it says that then the Creator or the Lord saw that this was not a desirable condition for the universe, because the universe could not exist and He then went on to create what is known today as cosmos too meaning a cosmos with {...hebrew...}, which means time. In other words, if someone steals his arm would not be immediately removed. It would not become vaporized. If someone murdered, his body would not become vaporized but he would have time to so call repent and according to the Zohar the reason we do read this Parashat on Yom Kippur because that is going to assist us. We, in effect, are looking for atonement. at-one-ment with the Light. In other words, we want to restore again the level of consciousness that can permit us to see through the maze of stuff that goes through our daily lives, rather than be consumed by what is known in kabbalistic terminology as klippot and we say that if we can somehow assure the removal of the klippot, those veils that prevent us from seeing as well as we should with the 92% or observe with the 92%. We read this because if we can connect to this this frame of reference call Nadav and Avihu we then have a chance because they through their death, states the Zohar, we can kind of wash out, we can erase any of the negative activity that we may have performed throughout year.

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