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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:11:17 - 18:26:17

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Do you understand? If they give me the whole world. You don't know how to play. What did I tell you Roa'a? Didn't I tell you that? Give me a racket. I want a racket, get me one. If they give me the whole world... Enough! Come, come, come. Take, Jamila. Jamila! Ok, come. Where is the shuttlecock? This one. Where is Ala'a? Ala'a, where's the original one? -I know it's color. -What is it? -Blue. -Yes, but there is a lovely fish drawn on it. That's enough, silly! Come on! -Where's Ala'a? -She went inside to get the racket. Come on, Ala'a. -Let me see! -Look, the original is round. Just one round, just one, I swear! No, my dear, when I want to play with Amane you don't allow me... Come on Ala'a. Go away, go away. Would you please go away? Because our shuttlecock is not good. Your's is good and original. Come on, Ala'a, hit it hard. If they give me the whole world... Ala'a, do not play with her, I do not want to play anymore. I would sacrifice my life... Make it good. Without Palestine what does the whole world mean? Come, Ala'a. Aunt Wafa'a, Aunt Randa. Jojo! -Why didn't you come to Ibkar? -I will not go anymore. -Why? No reason. -Who are you going with? -What? -Who are you going with? -With dad. -What happened with Claudia? Did they reconcile? -Who? -She and her friends, did they reconcile? -No. No! Amane told me that they did! -No. -Ok, bye, give everyone my best regards. Come, I want to tell you something. Who are they? Journalists. They are shooting us everyday. I have a microphone on. What did you say? Come with me. Dad will not allow me, he won't! They'll follow me. Uncle, could she come with me to the shop? No, she is shooting, how could she go? -I told you! -Go alone. -Ok, go with her, is it far? Jojo, Abu Kheder? Abu Kheder? -Abu Mohammed. -It's near by. Ok, ok. Listen, come, I want to tell you something. If I go with you they will follow me. You are on TV now, they are shooting us both. They follow me everywhere I go. Let me borrow it. -What do you want? -Chalks with 500. -That would buy you 4. -Let me borrow it, I want to write something. -Go away. -How much is the packet worth? -1000. This... Uncle. Sir, sir, Peace be upon you. He is busy. Ask for permission before shooting in the shop. Get permission. Please do not shoot in the shop. I am leaving. Jamila came, Jamila came. Dad, we want a new shuttlecock, do you have money? This one is not good, I will kill it! I want to play. If you do not play well, I will kill you. Roa'a come, give me your racket, give me the ball. -Hold. -Ok, give me the shuttlecock to play with. Come, the one that will catch it... Let us see. Jojo! Let her play! Bring me the shuttlecock. Roa'a, tell her to give it to me. -No, no, the ball is better... -The ball? I cannot! We hit the man twice, that is wrong! Oh, God! Jojo do you know how to play? Ok but, please go and get the shuttlecock for God's sake. Sorry! Why don't you throw it? Ugh, do you know how to play Jojo? You left me and went to Jamila! Not yet, not yet. No dad, I do not want that! Jojo. Jojo, I'm going home! Coming, just one minute. Where is the shuttlecock? Where is it? Do you want me to kill you? Do you? Take. Come home with me to decorate. Come and decorate with me! Paint with me! I have glitter pens... One minute! Alaa wants to come with me to help me in the glitter. I hope they won't shoot me! You are already filmed. They want to sleep over? I swear they slept over. I do not know, maybe they will sleep next to me! I swear by the Holy Koran! Men and women. -These things are for whom? -For them. Are you afraid Alaa? Damn you! Do you want to play with clay or you want to paint? -This? Look. -Play with clay. -No, I was writing... -Let us paint. No, I was writing. I will paint... Do you know what I will do? We will play with clay. Look, this is the clay bag. My uncle's wife gave me it. No, Ahmad, go away. Go and get him the beep, go. I have this, the shovel, and the clay. What color do you want? Yellow or... You don't make a thing! Do not touch a thing. Do not hit him. Don't! -What do you want? -Pink. -Pink? Look, the one that makes the most beautiful... Your sister Doa'a is acting silly. Wow I made it! Ok, make it, but I will make a more beautiful one. I will make an apple... I will make an apple. Yes, an apple It will take long. No, I'm done, I am making it. -Give me the apple. -And here is an apple. There is a knife. It's the first time they've seen foreigners? Your sister does not see foreigners at school? Poor girl! No, we've seen foreigners. Make it with the knife. Hamza, who gave you permission? Honestly, your sister, Doa'a, is a fool! Do not take it personally... Where is the top? -It's ok. -Here it is. -No. -Wow... -You can paint. Really, who gave you permission to use it? Damn the pen. Damn the pen, damn it... -Wow! You made this? -Yes. -Beautiful, right? -How did you make it? -What? The face? -And a chicken. -Yes, I made it. Today we will work with glitter, what do you think about sleeping over Alaa? Aunt! I love you. -You are being filmed! -Oh my God. I want to use glitter! -I will use glitter. -I am done. No do not damage them, give them to me and I will fix them. Do you want to know how I fix them? Look what I will do. I will make here a nice thing. -One moment. -Make me eyes and a nose. Look what I will do. Golden eyes! That is it. Let me play with you! Ok, but do not open the closed ones. -Let us fill it with glitter. -Put glitter all over it. And look what I will do. I painted a beautiful chicken, and there is Mickey Mouse. I might not paint it. Hamza, give her the chicken, look. As if I am not talking to anyone! Do not open those! -Is it beautiful? -Look what I will do too. I will make such a beautiful decoration! Why did you do that Alaa? Decorate too. -Now I want to write something. -Beautiful? Wow! Aunt Aida, is it true that Principle Zaina passed away? Yes, I was just telling your mother, come let me fix your hair. -My friend told me. -I was just telling your mother. -Why? -No reason, it was the end of her life. Who let you borrow them? -I am closing them for you. -This does not have a top. -I finished it. -It does not have a top. Hamza, some of them... I will... I will first... Alaa, please... If you are done, pack only glitter pens and give me those that don't have lids. Hamza, I have a silver one, I have sliver! This is the new one. -Pack them. -Inside the bag. Oh, I thought it was an apple, I swear! -Let me play. -No. -Let me play. -Take... Done? Let us see which is more beautiful. I have clay. Ok, play, but do not use glitter.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 141
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 20, 2009

Jamila plays with friends outside.

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