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For me, Kabbalah is me. The real me. If I wasn't studying Kabbalah, and I was married with Yael, I probably would be complaining about a hundred times more than I usually do. Probably getting in fights, and arguments, and never taking a moment to take responsibility on anything that goes wrong, or any challenge that comes up. I would constantly be blaming her. Probably be running away a lot. Probably running away, and frustrating her, and I'm not even sure if we would have had kids. Because I probably would have never been ready, or felt like I was never ready. I'd probably want to push it, push it, push it, push it, push it. And, I probably wouldn't be happy overall. And today, I'm not going to lie and say that I have a perfect life, and a perfect marriage, like a fantasy Hollywood movie, but now when things happen, I know why they happen And I know there's a reason for me, personally, why they're happening. And I know with 100% certainty that I have something to learn from it. So I don't even look at why is Yael the problem, or why is she the one to blame. I understand immediately, this is for me. This is something that came from me personally, from my personal deeper, inner growth, and that gives me power to deal with any situation. So whatever comes up, whatever challenges come up, as painful as they are or as challenging as they are, now I have tools. Now I have some ways of overcoming it. For me Kabbalah is like connecting to the ani amitie - the true me, the real me. Not the masks, not the things I want people to think about me, but to connect to who I really am. And to find who I really am. To constantly know that there is something in me that is deeper, and more creative and more powerful than I can even possibly imagine. I would recommend Kabbalah to anyone who has issues committing, anybody who is ready to overcome their fear, and to jump into something with all their heart, and anybody who understands that there is something greater beyond their fears, there is something bigger beyond all those little fears that they have that are stopping them from having a relationship. I would also recommend Kabbalah to anybody who is always chasing after some thing that they think that thing is going to make me happy or I'll be happy when I find this relationship or that money or whatever that thing is. And they want to find something that's inside of them that's going to make them happy. That's what I'd recommend. Someone who's willing to stop chasing after stuff that they think is going to make them happy to find that happiness inside themselves

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