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Zeus собирает кресло DXRacer Na'Vi Edition (Eng soon )

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Like, share this video, I hope you find it useful Enjoy, and make sure to watch the whole video! I received this package Let's teach it a lesson Right in the heart! My cat is shocked Alright hacker(cat), let's open it and see whats inside Work it work it Okay Cat wasn't ready for this This is some serious business inside Branded pillows Okay Okay this is the backrest This is for the butt Let's open this up That's a lot of parts I hope I assemble it right Imagine I make a retarded chair I won't be able to seat on it Okay, instructions for dummies This will take some time Let's put this in Does it go in like this? Let's unscrew this I'm gonna laugh so hard if I'll mess it up Looks right Let's plant this bitch in Second plant Plant please Okay Planted Where is our cat Don't be afraid Sit down Last one is hard because I'm running out of energy You need energy to finish it Hacker watch me attach the wheels Let's push them in Aw yeah Fancy things My chair is pretty now Seems good Let's take the backrest Unscrew the bolts Okay now we need to keep the leather straight Honestly the leather wedges in Why the fuck are you doing that leather Let's plant some more And more Please plant well I can't plant the bottom Fucking chair Because it doesn't fit into the hole We'll have to plant through the leather "singing intensifies" Alright it's going in This is important Good Like this Looks good Why the fuck did you snap I'm doing something worng Okay let's check how Ceh9 did it He did it through the top And through the bottom like that Okay let's do this nice and neat First impressions Oh this is fire Sick chair I like it a lot It's very comfy I'm going to practice and enjoy it If you guys are planning to buy a chair like this You'' have the idea on how to assemble it "MEGA Giveaway, for VK users only.50+ PRIZES!" Bye bye!

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Feb 6, 2016

Zeus собирает кресло DXRacer Na'Vi Edition (Eng soon )

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