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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~10:15:32 - 10:30:32

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Are you going to do draw the number five? Yes. And six and seven too. Six. Do you know this? Hold on, stop drawing. Your hand didn't get tired? After finishing this, go and blow your nose. Or do you want to do it now? OK, let's go. Let's go. Mind your pants. Run this way. Hurry. Go ahead! Pull your hands. That's it. Walk carefully, don't fall. Do five and six, OK? You will rest later. In here? No, start five here. Do you understand? ― A stick first? ― Yes. That's a big stick you drew. No, no, no. Here's a stick, now draw a circle. One more stick. ― A little one? ― Yes, a little one. Yeah, now a little circle down there. ― Right, keep going. ― There's water here! ― Oh! Wet hands! Now, write here, right here. ― Here. ― Here? ― Yeah. Stick, circle, stick. Oh! Excellent! One more time. Stick, stop! Circle. Stick. Yes! Continue, it's just water. OK, go on. Stick... Circle... Complete the circle this way. ― Huh? ― Uh. ― Come on! ― Stick... ― Yes. Do one more and then it's over. No, do it here. You see, you drew your stick small. Now try six. Six. You know, right? Start here. Do you understand? Do you understand, Zhanna? Now, go on. ― You should do it slightly like this here. ― Hey... That will do. Go on to the next. What happened? Hold on. ― This pen doesn't write well. ― No, it does. Here! Huh... If you do it like this, it will be easier for you. Hmm. Well done! That will do, that will do. Good job! Excellent, Zhanna! Very pretty. Small, but pretty. ― Is your hand tired? ― Nope! Seven? I can do that. Don't rush. Seven is really easy for you. And six too. It's OK. Move it down. No, no, not here, here. Move it down, OK. Stay here now and then you can do your picture. ― OK? ― Wait. ― I don't know. ― In here? Yeah? I'm going. Lyazzat, come here! Look, it looks like a piglet, doesn't it? And this one looks like a piglet. Yes, haha, a piglet! ― Are you going to write more today? ― Yes. ― Do it to the end! ― Numbers? ― Yes. ― One now? ― Yeah. They said... ― Zhanna, where's dad? ― Over there. Kairat, can you come home? Dad! Zhanna, does your throat hurt? Are you sure it doesn't hurt? ― Do you need this? ― No. ― But your throat definitely doesn't hurt? No, it doesn't. Max... ― He was coughing all night, he was sick. ― I gave him some spray. ― Mom! ― Yes! Can you do this? ― Don't complain. ― I'm coming. Uh... What happened? I'll tell you later! Kairat! Come over, I'm going to tell you something. Zhanna! Hold on, I'm here. ― Hm... Writing? ― Yes. ― Completed? This is your math notebook. Is it a different one? Like this one, right? No. You can use this for writing. Do the math here, do the writing task here. You can use this for drawing. Are those your pictures? ― What's this? ― Here, with a marker pen. Ah! This is the sun, right? Is this your tree? ― What is this? ― It's a snowman. ― Right. What is this? ― A guy. Good job! Color this fast and then we can go to the market. Mom! Where is it?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 114
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 2, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 10:15-10:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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