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We are preparing for the New Moon of Virgo and this month, as we know the Kabbalists teach is a very important month. It is the one that we will have a very big influence on what happens over the next year, the twelve months that come after the month of Virgo and what I would like to speak about are really two ideas because one of the great gifts of Kabbalah is, besides the important spiritual lessons that we learn and are able to use the tool to manifest them and use them in our lives Kabbalah also opens up a window to understand the different energies, the different gifts that are available at different times of the year and the new moon or the beginning of month it is also such a window in time, an opportunity if we understand what is available and we connect to the unique energy and gift. It is a moment in time that we can really transform certainly the next following weeks but even specially in the month of Virgo the next 13 months and therefore there are two very important areas of focus and we are going to share some kabbalistic teachings that open for us an understanding what is unique about this month and what is the unique work. Because we know that in Kabbalah it is not simply by knowing, it is with that knowledge to actually do to change and to be able to draw great Light and blessings comes not just from the understanding, the understanding on its own without the ability to manifest without the work that manifests it really it is not really the purpose. The purpose is to take the wisdom and with the wisdom use the tools to transform and to draw the unique Light and blessings available in this month. So I wanna begin with an important concept and it is specific pertaining to this month of Virgo or as a kabbalist refers to it the month of Elul. What is at the core, the purpose of all our spiritual work? What is at the core, the purpose for all the spiritual study? So many of you know that the founder of the Centre is a great kabbalist. Maybe the greatest kabbalist of our generation: Rav Yehuda Ashlag. And in one of his most important works - The Wisdom of Truth He speaks about and answers this question. If you had to understand what is the purpose of all the spiritual work that we are doing, what is the purpose of all the spiritual wisdom that we study, what is the goal? What is the ultimate purpose? and in his book: The Wisdom of the Truth, he writes the following. We'll reading, you know, there is energy in the word, we will read originally from the Hebrew and then translation to understand what he is saying You should know, the purpose of all the spiritual study the purpose of all the spiritual work {.....Hebrew.....} The ultimate purpose of the spiritual study The ultimate purpose of the spiritual work is to come to an understanding to what is right and what is not right inside every single individual. Sometimes when people study spirituality, or even Kabbalah they will use it as a way to look outward but really the entire purpose of the spiritual study is to look inward. So much so that Rav Ashlag says the singular purpose of the study is to come to an understanding a constantly renewed of understanding of both what is right within me and what is not right within me. What is right in my thoughts, in my words, in my actions and what are the things that are not exactly as they should be what are the things that need to be transformed. So much so the Rav Ashlag says: {.....Hebrew.....} Every single being, every single person has an aspect, if they are in any way spiritually awakened has an aspect of this understanding but the difference between somebody who is spiritually developed and spiritually connected is that an individual who is more developed he or she has a great understanding of themselves and with that understanding knows what are the things that are right with the way one thinks, and speaks and acts and what other things that need to be transformed, that need to be changed. He calls this {.....Hebrew.....} the ability, the sense to be able to tell internally what is right and what is wrong. Now I want to really bring an understanding to these words because they can be misunderstood, you know, what is wrong within me? We know that in truth, everyone of us has what we call the soul. That soul is perfect. And hence, each one of us, as we exist now, are perfect. But there is another part to us. There is a part that is not really us and this is important to understand. But that if we are not conscious, we often think and speak and behave from that part that is not really us but has ingrained itself within our conscious, within our being and making us think that it is us, but it is not us. So when we speak about when Rav Ashlag speaks about the ability to come to understand who I am and what are the positive aspects of my being and what are aspects of my being that need to be transformed. It really is not each one of us seeing what is right and what is wrong within us. What is good and not good within us. But rather in understanding of our true essence because whatever my truth essence is that is perfect. The actions, or the words, or the thoughts that I have that the negative, they are not me. They are aspects of thoughts that are implanted and we allow ourselves to think in this way or in act this way, but that is not really who I am. I think that we all had this experience in life. How many times or what was the last time you did something maybe somebody got you angry or maybe somebody did something and you just woke up one day with a negative thought. And you know, that's not me. But why am I acting in this way? Why am I speaking in this way? Why am I thinking in this way? So Rav Ashlag says the spiritually awakened individual is the individual that asks that question and knows the answer: that's not me! I yelled at that person who made me angry I know that's not me. Knowing who I am, really knowing who I am And also knowing what are the ways in which I behave or react, or think, or speak that are not really my essence. That's the purpose of the spiritual work. The more we are developed, the more we study, the more we should be aware, Oh, I just did that, that is really me I just said that I had that influence , that is really me I said that thing to that person that made me angry, that is not me I had that negative thought That is not me So, coming to a deeper, an ever deeper understanding of who I am and with that also what are the things and ways that I'm behaving and that are not really who I am that are not of my essence. Why is it so important, Rav Ashlag asks, to always be becoming more aware of what are the actions, and words, and thoughts that I am doing, that are coming from my essence and what are the actions and words that I am doing that are not of my essence, he says the following It's a spiritual rule or law, that when you truly come to understand that something is not for your benefit the it'll automatically be removed. It'll evaporate from your being. The only reason that any quality that I've seen in myself that is not a positive quality, is still part of my life or of my being, it's only because I've not truly come to understand it that something that is not me that something that I do not want to be part of my life experience Because whatever I come to truly see and know as not part of my essence, it'll be removed So the importance of what we call {.....Hebrew.....} the importance of really coming to understand who I am and what are the actions that are based on my true essence and what are the actions that are not based on my true essence the reason that it's so important is because that clarity will allow all the parts of you that are not part of your essence to fall away and to evaporate, and go away. So the importance of taking the time always to look inside and say Today I did these actions that really feels right that comes from my essence, comes from my being I also did this other things, I said these other words I had this other conversations they don't feel to me, if I think about it to be coming from my essence. The more clear I am, any one of us is, about what are the parts of my life and the actions that I am living that are part of my essence and what is not, is that once I come to clarity about what is not, it'll go away. The only reason any aspects of our essence we think is our essence, or any part of our personality or actions are still part of us? It's because we haven't yet come to truly accept or understand that they are not of my essence and therefore I do not want them to be a part of my life I use anger as an example because I think that it's something that we all experience. I don't think most of the times that we behave in anger that if we truly honestly took that moment with ourselves, that evening and ask yourself, is that really who I am of course not I yelled at my friend, I yelled at my child from anger. Does any of us really believe that that is my essence? That was coming from the perfect part of myself? Of course not. But we don't take the time, and when we don't take the time to come to clarity that's not who I am, then those aspects remain with us. When on another hand we develop through our spiritual study and work this {.....Hebrew.....} we really take the time, I said those words that's not my essence I said, I knew it was not sure but I wanted that person to like me. That's not my essence. The more clear we become about what we are at our essence, and what is the thoughts and the words and the actions that we take that are not part of our essence, they go away, they evaporate. An therefore it's so important, as Rav Ashlag said at the core of the purpose of the spiritual work This is true throughout the year that's important to really be asking yourself everyday throughout this day, throughout this week, what are the actions, what are the words, what are the thoughts that are coming really from my essence? And what are the thoughts, and the words, and the actions that are not from my essence? Because the more clear I became about that, the more they can disappear. The more they can evaporate. This is even more so in this month of Virgo, because the month of Virgo has a very powerful gift and that it is that it will incinerate every aspect of - not our being - but our thoughts and our words, and our actions, that we don't want to have. If you, for instance in this month, think about the times that you were disingenuous and you said things for that person to like me or I said something that wasn't 100% true for this reason or that reason, but I really know it's not my essence. Then in this month you have the ability for that aspect of your life to be removed. If the work is done in this month, and this is again the first gift of this month, the negativity or the parts of my being that I don't want to remain, because they are not truly of my essence to have them removed. Imagine for an example that an individual who has a problem with anger and he or she knows that's not their essence, in this month, the more clear we are about that the more it can be removed and not be a part of our life anymore. How many of us have thoughts of diminish of ourselves, "I don't deserve that" or "I'm not that person" We diminish ourselves and we have thoughts of sadness and negativity, but we know that is not our essence. In this month, if we take the time to develop in the words of Rav Ashlag {.....Hebrew.....} That real sense of who I am, in my essence, what is truly me. Those are the thoughts that are of my power, of my essence, and what is not, the more clear we can become over the next four weeks, the more those types of thoughts those types of words, and those types of actions can be removed from our existence. We can and are meant to live the next four weeks a transformed being. But the only way, and the first part of the work, is to really delve inside. What are the parts of my life that I'm living that are coming from my essence, and what are the parts of my life that I'm living that are not coming from my essence? The clarity that I have about that second group of thoughts and words and actions, the more they can be removed from my life. So as no other month of the year, the first gift of Virgo , the first gift of this month is the ability to truly removed from my life thoughts and words and actions that do me no good, that are not of my essence but have been a part of my baggage for a long time negative thoughts, negative words, negative actions, they can all be removed, but the prerequisite in this month is that you come to clarity. That's not me. My essence is not an angry essence, my essence is not a negative essence, my essence is not a sad essence, I tell clearly the difference between who I am and this other, these other parts that manifest in my life but I'm clear that they are not me and in this month they can be completely removed from our lives. But you have to, again, as Rav Ashlag says develop this {.....Hebrew.....}, this delving into yourself and finding what are the parts of me that are true what are the parts of my life that are manifesting my essence and what are the parts of my life, the words that I say or the actions that I take that are not truly of my essence Come to that clarity, and in this month they will be removed. We need, we should want to, leave this month with less baggage, with more aspects that have been with us for some time, that we know and we come to clarity that they are really not part of our essence they will be removed from our lives. That's the first gift. The second, and this is the one that I became excited about, Monica and I were talking the other day about the new month of Virgo, some of you may or may not know Monica is a Virgo so it's an exciting month for us anyway, but I became very excited about this month, because as I was reading in the writings of the kabbalists there is a phase that keeps repeating itself, pertaining to this month. The Kabbalists call this month the days of 'ratzon', 'ratzon' means desire. Now usually - and there are many different interpretations and understandings of that word but I wanna focus on a deeper understanding of desire and through that a deeper understanding of the great gift of this month. What does desire do? We all have desires. We have important desires, we have less important desires, but we all have desires. So first the Kabbalists teach this is an important understanding, that the desire that we have in life is always going to be the maximum desire we have, is the maximum place we will ever get to. You will never manifest anything greater than the desire that you have. For an example, an individual who wants to marry or find a relationship, whatever their expectations the maximum expectations we don't always reach the fulfillment about our desires, but we will certainly not be able to reach more than the fulfillment of our desires. And I often have this conversation with the students where student is either starting something new, at their work, or a relationship, and there's a sense of a limited desire. And that's very dangerous, because again, whatever we achieve, we'll always be limited by our desire. Again, it does not necessarily mean that we'll achieve the totality of our desire, but it does mean that we'll never achieve more than our desire. So desire is very important, this is the month of desire. Because again, it literally creates the boundary of my potential. It creates the boundary of what I will, in the maximum state, be able to manifest. One thing I'll say and we'll, get back to this is that, every single one of us does not have enough desire. Whatever we think, whatever areas of our lives it's not the desire, it's not as great as it needs to be. It certainly does not meet our potential. But we begin with this understanding, whatever we manifest in life it'll always be limited by the greatness of our desire, we'll never manifest beyond our desire. First understanding about the desire. Second, Rav Ashlag often speaks about this understanding that, the amount of fulfillment and joy that we experience in life is dependent, of course, on desire. You have two people eating a stake, very well made, great steak, one person hates eating stake, one person loves eating steak, the person who loves eating steak will, obviously, enjoy that meal, the person who hates eating steak will not enjoy that meal. Because the amount of joy or fulfillment that you receive from anything is dependent on your desire for that. So, the second limitation created by desire is how much we can enjoy, how much fulfillment we can receive, always limited by the greatness of our desire. The more desire you have, the more fulfillment you can potentially receive. The less desire that you have, the less that you can potentially receive. Desires are clearly very important. But Rav Ashlag, the founder of the Centre, says something even more, and that is: "if you want to know: what is your essence? What am I made of?" We speak about the soul, what is the soul? Kabbalists teach the soul is desire. Each one of us, the totality of our being is potential desire. And everything that we do in life, we are actually manifesting desire. So, it is not simply as we said before, that desire is the extent of our potential, it's also the extent of our fulfillment, it actually is the essence of our being. And if you understand that kabbalistic teaching, that desire is the essence of who we are, and most of us are still unmanifested desire, but that is our essence, who we are, and everything we do in life is manifesting desire. That choice about where you manifest your desire is very important. Because if you manifest your desire Because desire can be a finite force. Unfortunately most of us have ever experienced this We often speak about this, but there is thing in life that we begin with great desire and end with diminished desire or in certain points with no desire at all. The classic, of course, examples and unfortunately for many people: relationships. Almost every relationship begins with great desire. Almost every relationship , unfortunately, ends with either diminished or no desire. Desire is the force of life and it is the force of our essence. It is the most important part of our being. And therefore the Kabbalists teach, specially in this month of desire that we have to come to a new appreciation of desire and where we manifest our desire. Again as we said before, if I am manifesting my desire in places that are of my essence. What is my essence? My essence is greatness, my essence is giving, my essence is creating for the world for instance. So let's say an individual who is living they day-to-day life with desire. I want, I want to help that person, I want to do something important so that they can help other people. That desire manifested in places that are of my essence or as in kabbalistic terms in places of sharing or in places of the Light of the Creator continuous to be an ever increasing source of desire. You don't lose that desire, if you appreciate it, if you are conscious of it. And on the other hand, the more an individual uses his or her desire in places that are completely selfish, in places that are as we call in kabbalistic terms, of the desire to receive for self alone, the more an individual manifests in that way his or her desire will diminish in all areas of life. The reason why most of us, or to the degree that an individual does not wake up every single morning with the greatest amount of joy and finishes the day of the greatest of fulfillment, it is because of lack of desire. And the root of a diminished desire The root of a, sometimes, expired desire, is because we were not aware of the importance of the desire. Not aware that where we manifest our desire, we manifest our essence. And we also make every single day a decision about whether I will tomorrow wake up with a greater desire, or with less desire. So, if I understand that my essence is desire, if I understand that where I manifest my desire is important because, if I continue to manifest my desire in places, and things, and actions that are of my essence, then desire can not only be sustained, but actually grow. We are meant to live every single day with greater desire in all areas of our lives. Greater desire in our relationships, greater desire in our work, greater desire in our family, greater desire in everything that we do. But the reason why unfortunately often, desire wanes is because we are not aware, that this is maybe the most important part of our essence. When you understand that desire is not infinite, and when you understand that desire, and where you manifest it is very important. Then your life in a different way. Because I do know, and I do desire to have endless desire, But, therefore, where I manifest it, is so important. The more I restrict myself from manifesting my desire in places of selfishness, of what we call desire to receive for the self alone. The more I protect my desire, the more it can grow. The more I manifest my desire in places that are of my essence, that are of sharing, the more it can grow. I want, and we can, and are meant to live a life where our essence, our desire is constantly growing, and with that desire that grows also, of course, comes fulfilment. that grows, joy that grows, relationships that grow, work that grows. Unfortunately as we said too often, either because we are unawere, or not focused, we waste our desire. The gift of this month, and this is why it is so beautiful, and so powerful. Every twelve months, the Creator, aware of the fact that, unfortunately we are all still in the process of developing spiritually, we have even in the past twelve months, thrown away some of our desire. The month of Elul, the month of Virgo, is the month when the Creator comes to every single one of us and says, "I'm here to give you more desire." Yes, maybe you wasted it, maybe you lost it, this is the month that you can gain more desire. What a beautiful gift. Every single one of us has at least one area, if not more, of our lives, that are not as fulfilling as they used to be. They are not exciting as they used to be. Because the desire in them has diminished. This is the month, that we can draw greater desire. More than that, the kabbalists teach, the desire for the next twelve months, in your relationship, in your work, in your spiritual work. must be awakened and drawn in the next four weeks. Very important work, a very important month. Because as we said before, everything that will fulfil me, everything that will bring me joy, is an effect of how much desire I have in that area of my life. And there's one month of the year that is called the month of desire, there's one month of the year, when the gates of desire are open, when the gift that's available for every single one of us in this month, is to ask for more desire. But as we said the corollary is that you have to appreciate desire. You have to also think to yourself, "yes, I'm gonna ask for more desire". "I'm going to ask for more desire in this area, in that area of my life." But also how am I going to protect that desire. We are asking for greatness, we are asking for great desires that we can manifest great things, that we can manifest great fulfilment. But with that comes the responsibility of greater protection of our desire. And that's what the work of the beginning of this month is. Awaken a greater appreciation for desire. Understand that every aspect of your essence, every aspect of your life, will be influenced and manifested depending on your desire. And ask for limitless desire. We said before, and this is an important kabbalistic understanding, wherever your desire is, wherever my desire is, and hopefully, we've been studying long enough to know, that my desire should be growing, but compared to what it can be, to what it should be, not even close. We have to understand, in the beginning of this month, that I want to be awakened in this month, I want to ask for in this month, and I want to work in this month, to receive desire that exceeds anything that I thought before. Because, as we said, what we will manifest in our relationships, in our work, in every area in our life, will always be limited by our desire. So I don't wanna ask for a limited desire, I wanna ask for unlimited desire. And I know that whatever desire I have, the real essence of me, the real potential of my desire is so much greater than that. So, while the work of this month is understanding desire, appreciating desire, protecting desire. It's also as important to open up for ourselves an understanding that I'm asking for, and I desire, to receive desire greater than I can even imagine. And with the greater desire, over the next twelve months, I will be able to manifest beyond my dreams. But it begins with desire. And, therefore, as we said this is the month to appreciate desire, To protect desire, to ask for limitless desire. Because I know, that whatever desire I'm going to have, and, therefore, fulfilment, and, therefore, manifestation over the next twelve months, will be dependent on the amount of desire that I awaken in these next four weeks. In the month of Virgo, in the month Elul. And that is why, by the way, the kabbalists teach that the month of Elul, the month of Virgo is the virgin. Virginal. New. Because if you are able to awaken limitless desire, then you can live the next twelve months with renewed desire for everything in your life. That's the real gift. Imagine wakening every single day and being shocked with the desire you have, for the relationship that you have overwhelmed by the desire you have for the work you're doing that's the gift of this month limitless desire limitless desire I'd like to end with both a sad but what I think is a powerful teaching on desire that, Bezrat Hashem, can expand our understanding of what we want to and we'll receive over the next, certainly beginning of the month, but throughout this month of Virgo. The story is a bout a great kabbalist, his name is The Baal Shem Tov. And he had a student, who for many years he was married, and was not able to have children. And him and his wife, they have been married for almost ten years, and they come to their teacher, the Baal Shem Tov, and they say, you know, please can you pray for us, can you open for us the gates of children. And he says to them, he says, and kabbalists are often able to see, He says I can open for you that gate, and I can have that blessing for you and your wife to have a child, but I can see that it will be a very difficult pregnancy, and your wife will probably not make it through the birth, will not survive the birth. And, therefore, please don't ask me to give you this blessing. And the husband and wife confer, they take a few days. And the wife goes back to the Baal Shem Tov, and says even if that's will be, I want to have a child, and even if, heaven forbid, I will not survive the birth, I want that gift. He gives the blessing, he opens up that gate, she becomes pregnant, nine months later she's giving birth, and there were complications, and the husband and the wife realized unfortunately the sad part of that vision is coming true. And the wife as she is losing consciousness and the doctors are losing hope. she looks up and she says, she asks the Light of the Creator, she says, please at least give me a few days to be able to hug my child, and feed my child before I leave this world. Something happens, she survives the child birth, and she lives for a few days after. Having the ability to hug her child, feed her child for a few days and then, she leaves this world. The husband goes a few months later, after grieving, goes to his teacher, the Baal Shem Tov, and he tells him the whole story, he says, I don't regret our request, of course there is tremendous pain, and he tells him the story of the birth. that as you said, she was about to leave this world at the birth, but in that moment she asked the Light of the Creator to give her a few days to be able to be with her child. And Ball Shem Tov looked at his student, and he said, in that moment, why did she ask for only a few days? She should have asked to live forever. And this in this month of desires is an important understanding. We often ask, and have desire that is so limited. This is the month that we need to ask for limitless desire in all aspects of our lives. Chodesh Tov.

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