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Taiwan:林祐緯 (Mr. Lin)

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Can you try the microphone? Should I say something? OK. OK, all right. Is it working? Is it working properly? OK, three, two, one, action. Mr. Lin, could you please introduce yourself briefly? Your name and your background. My name is Lin You Wei. I am from Taiwan. Taichung? Chang-hua. Oh, Chang-hua. Good. What was your job before joining Youngevity? Can you tell us your background and experience in detail? I worked in electric appliance field. It was a traditional job. It was then that Youngeveity came into Taiwan's market. So you were there from the beginning? Yes. That's true. Mr. Lin, how did you learn about Youngevity? I was working for a company, which was called Mei Li-Wei. The company's founder, Michael, he was talking to Youngevity about a partner program. That's how I knew about Youngevity. What're the most attracting aspects of Youngevity? From what I have observed, Youngevity's background and culture are amazing. It's not about how much you could sell. I read about Dr. Wallach's remarkable background. And I learned that Youngevity has been helping distributors. They also helped many product-users. Those are the reasons I am attracted to it. So, you learned that Youngevity is truly focusing on helping their customers. And Youngevity is building a relationship with them. They are not treating customers as money trees. Yes. OK. What kind of improvements did you have in terms of your life and career ever since you have joined Youngevity? After I learned about Youngevity's background, I immediately knew this company is in this for a long run. It is a forward-thinking company. If we have a defined and clear goal, I know the situation will improve. The freedom that us distributors desire will finally come with this company. We are in control of our own time. Yes. You just mentioned that Youngevity is a forward-thinking company. How does the forward-looking aspect manifest? It is in Youngevity's culture. If we are kind to everyone, we are welcomed by everyone wherever we go. A company with kind intentions will attract more people naturally, like a sponge. More people will join this company. This company doesn't emphasize its huge performance. It doesn't advertise about the bonus. They don't ever use inappropriate methods. They don't falsely report their achievements. They operate differently. Well, good. Which part do you like the most? Essentially, it's about their products. The products are the building blocks. Dr. Wallach spent a lifetime to study nutrients. The results of his study will surely help many people to improve their health. So, from the perspective of the products, I deeply believe in them. I know they are going to help everyone. What's your favorite product? Youngevity's products? Yes, which one? Currently, Youngevity's products aren't available in the Asian market. However, I have read many materials online. Youngevity's products, including vitamin D, those are wonderful products. I hope more people will have a chance to experience those amazing products sooner. Good. What areas of Youngevity are you most excited about? I know many different foreign companies are trying to enter the Asian market. But I don't see many of them have the competitive advantages when comparing to Youngevity. Youngevity offers amazing products and its bonus program truly allows many distributors to improve their financial conditions. This company will be successful. Your life is a true testimony. Your strength is showing already. If someone wants to join Youngevity or plans to buy from Youngevity, what do you want to tell him or her? I will be focusing on the ideas. Many excellent products won't produce the desired result immediately. The person must have a strong understanding of the concepts. As we know, Dr. Wallach dissected thousands of animals over the course of his career. That was how he learned about the origins of illness. This study constructs the basis of our modern nutrition. That's why I believe Youngevity is a company with infinite potentials. I am persuaded and I am going to join. Thank you, Mr. Lin. Thank you.

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Taiwan:林祐緯 (Mr. Lin)

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