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Intimacy Retreat - Tasmania - Jan 18

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I've always done personal values but to go in together and co-create what we want to bring to the world and what we want to live by has been really special I just feel the connection with us is just so much stronger just by having that clearer understanding I understand more now Of what Amelia needs of me And that at the end of the day, we both just need that love And different ways of executing those different ways to provide that to make each other fulfil that connection We just wanna say That this has been an awesome experience this retreat. As a couple and as individuals We've got so much out of it It's been such an experience... with wicked people, good food, lots of meditation but something that we probably would never think to do but its been unreal. We've unlocked lots of tools and remedies to fulfill & go forth So it's been wonderful Yep, it's been awesome Yeah, highly recommend that you do it Massive, massive thank-you to Aaron & Greer Thanks guys, you're the best :) Why we really feel inspired And called to do this work Is because We really believe that we're all on our own unique journey's Of self-exploration, expansion Of understanding and growth And really, our intimate relationships is one of the best vehicles And one of the most powerful ways that we can really accelerate that evolution, and really come back to knowing ourselves at a deep level. And I know for me personally I've found so much growth and fulfilment through what Greer and I share And, you know, what we share in this retreat is the strategies, the tools that we use that really mean we're moving forward with so much joy and peace and we're really growing at such a beautiful, beautiful acceleration That isn't forced it's just Joy, Play, Love. And that honours our seasons and our times of natural like, desire of focus and movement forward and our need to actually rest and reconnect.

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Posted by: aaronbaldock145 on Jan 27, 2018

2 nights. 2 couples. 2 coaches.
Unlimited breakthroughs.

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