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Dedushka 70th Speech

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Yes, then relatively normal life began rolling on and on, thank G-d, until it got to this lovely date The last time I remember the story, we celebrated like this 21 December, 1949. 70 years of Comrade Stalin Correct! (Natasha: and I thought, my birthday!!! But then, 1949, strange?) It was such a huge occasion. That I remember More than that, historical dates, I don't remember The only other thing I do remember someone once told me a story When this general came to Germany, they asked him, how's life He answered, what can I tell you? I open the window in the morning Germans are in the city! <laugh> Oh, that's also not for the youngsters And for me, it's the same, I turn around and there are Germans at the table! Thank G-d! After 65 years, thank G-d ... I am very happy that my Germans are sitting here and are celebrating with me my, you know, such a DATE (Vicky: גם אנחנו שמחות) We are also happy (Does he speak Hebrew? No?) Which means, this is not trivial To get this to happen Germans, giggle Petya, this is all very symbolic --- Hebrew, from Germany No, her Hebrew is from Yerushalayim --- So nu She was just there on vacation Go on The most important thing I'd like to thank you all, that you came here today For me personally, that is surprise I tried to get out of it, honestly I tried to find, as they say in Paris, "a teirutz" as they say, in Paris, "a teirutz" so as not to come No, seriously What, you said you wouldn't come ... what was I supposed to do? So I said that I also won't come After which, they started a "gevalt" asked, "Why did you bother ironing your shirt?" Nu, and they said, "You have to come!" So I said to Nella, do what you like, I'm going to go smell what do you call them, orchids as if I don't have any at home ... but at your house, you have significantly fewer... Yes, you are right Significantly fewer. And they are not doing well, unfortunately But that's not the thing. The thing is that I am very grateful to you all who came to celebrate with me my birthday As you see it was according to the information given by my father there's a photograph there, it says that ... was born ... how does it say there? At 8 o'clock and 8 minutes today, at 20 hours and 8 minutes, my son was born (K: so we missed it!) <laugh> <laugh> Nu, so I already opened my mouth! So therefore once again, I want to thank you all I know that it is not easy on a work day, with our highways airplanes steamships to get here a great big thank you specifically, I'm grateful to to my daughters especially my oldest (Gissa: who cooked all of this) Kira: we cooked it together They cooked it together they organized all this all this "kasha" that we're eating a big thank you, to you, girls for this honestly, I did not expect this I had no idea really not despite certain individuals who did let on that Gissa is coming on Sunday Name, name! We don't know. -Who gave us up? It was a spy, we don't know the name There were other hints But I admit that I did not suspect a thing and when we arrived and I parked the car and Donya called out to Natasha, I turned and I saw that it's Donya and Mira. I'm thinking, nu why did they come? Nu, they also came to the park to smell the flowers But I did not put two and two together I didn't connect it at all Mishka also spoke with me today on the phone also, nobody said anything nobody We were keeping mum Yes, everyone was as we used to say, "in deep cover" Thank you all, "partisans" for this Gissa: With you, one can go on reconnaissance Therefore we will now go and eat some cake No, we still have to sing .... I don't actually know the schedule I'm just saying one more time great, great thanks or, as they used to say the old way I'm not sure, but as an old revolutionary, I'll try A deep bow to you -- Now I have to stand up... --- ooo I manage So you're done? You want more? I should carry on? I can <Stupid kids poem ... ... ... Elisheva (in Russian): Dedushka, I baked this cake!

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